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CUCM BootCamp v1.0 (CUCMBC10)

CUCM BootCamp v1.0 (CUCMBC10)


Duration: 5 days

Participants in this 5 days training will get to explore the Cisco Unified Communication Manager version 11.x and its features to support a seamless and scalable VOIP telephony services for the Enterprises. The applications are going to run on top of VMware server virtualization technology. From there they will start to understand the concept of clusters, do the initial configuration of Communications Manager, integration with Cisco IM & Presence, adding the voice gateways, etc. The hands-on lab covers the configuration and integration of the systems that are in involved in the Ciscos Collaboration solutions from scratch to a fully functional and working system


1. Understanding CUCM licensing, functions, architecture, deployment and redundancy options, and how to install or upgrade in Cisco UCS and ESXi Hypervisor 
2. Working with Windows Active Directory 
3. Understanding and Configuring SIP trunks and Voice Gateways 
4. Implement a dial plan in Cisco Unified Communications Manager to make internal calls and place calls within the public switched telephone network (PSTN) using CUBE. 
5. Fundamentals of QoS and SRST.
1. Overview of Colloboration System Release
2. Understanding the deploymentenvironment
1. Architecture, Deployment considerations and Redundancy options
2. SystemRequirements
3. Licensing
3. Overview of clusters and understanding sitemodels
4. ImplementingCUCM
1. Directory Sync with MicrosoftLDAP
2. User Management and DeviceAssociation
3. Understanding and Implementing Calling Privilege inCUCM
1. Calling Search Space andPartition
4. Implementing VoiceGateways
5. Configuring SIP trunks
6. Understanding the Call-routingcomponents
7. Configuring DialPlan
5. Integration Cisco CUCM IM & Presence Server withCUCM
6. Jabber Client Installation andconfiguration
7. Describing Cisco Unified Border Element
8. Using CUBE to Access the PSTN via a SIP Trunk
9. Overview of QoS andSRST
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