Cisco Advanced Mobility Workshop v1.2 – Cisco Unified Access Solution (CUAS)

Cisco Advanced Mobility Workshop v1.2 – Cisco Unified Access Solution (CUAS)


Duration: 3 days
Course Overview

CUAS - Cisco Advanced Mobility Workshop v1.2 – Cisco Unified Access Solution This course is a 3 days Instructor Led training focuses on Cisco's Unified Access solution which gives IT the platform they need to capture today’s cloud and bring-your-own-device (BYOD) transformations to enable business innovations. Cisco Unified Access provides a comprehensive end-to-end solution to address customer top of mind issues. With new levels of visibility, control, and flexibility, Cisco Unified Access helps IT create the right solution for the right experience, and the right total cost of ownership (TCO). This includes an upgraded version of Cisco’s Identity Service Engine (ISE) 1.1.4 which focuses on authentication. Cisco Prime Infrastructure is the glue that will bring wireless and wired technology under one roof. Participants will also have the opportunity to understand better about Cisco site surveying design and planning.


Course Objectives
Course Content

Overview of Network Setup
  • Common Design Practices based on CVD
  • High Availability
vWLC 7.5 Configuration
  • Managing 3600 series access points
  • Setting up Dynamic Interfaces
  • Enabling of 802.11n
  • Setting up of WLAN
    • Guest Access.
    • Staff Access
  • Setting up AAA server referencing the ISE
  • Setting up the Management options like SNMP.
  • Application Visibility and Control
  • DHCP Relay and option 82
ISE 1.1.4 Configuration
  • Deployment Considerations.
  • Installing the Software
  • Completing the Initial Setup
  • Adding of WLC to the ISE database
  • Integration with MS Active Directory Server
  • Setting up Authentication Policies
  • Setting up Authorization Policies
    • Dynamic VLAN assignments for employees.
    • Restricting Access for mobile devices of staffs.
Prime Infrastructure Configuration
  • Pre-requisites for the VMs
  • Installing the Software
  • Completing the Initial configurations
  • Integrating the WLC and ISE to the Prime Infrastructure Configuration
  • Managing the WLC centrally from Prime Infrastructure
Mobility Service Engine 7.5 Configuration
  • Systems requirements
  • Installing MSE Virtual Appliance
  • Configuring MSE Virtual Appliance Level
  • Setting up the Virtual Appliance
  • Integrating the MSE to the Prime Infrastructure
Configuring Additional Services with the Unified Wireless Network
  • Securing the WLAN with the MSE acting as the Wireless IPS
  • Setting up of Guest L3 Access
  • Setting up of Video Stream
  • Setting up of Bonjour Services
  • Location Tracking of Clients
Cisco Site Surveying
  • Collect Information for the Site Survey
  • Prepare and Plan for the Site Survey – Layer 1 and Layer 2
  • Design the RF Network and considerations
Course Certifications

This course is part of the following Certifications:


  • CCNA and CCNP wireless certified or equivalent knowledge
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