Selling Cisco Bring Your Own Device Solutions (BYOD)

Selling Cisco Bring Your Own Device Solutions (BYOD)


Course Overview

Duration: 1 day
Selling Cisco Bring Your Own Device Solutions, Learn the skills to successfully sell BYOD solutions. Bring your own device (BYOD) has become one of the most influential trends impacting IT today. Employees want to choose their own devices and have full access to information, systems, and applications from wherever they are working. However, adopting BYOD provides IT department with a whole new set of challenges to manage. In this course, you will learn to identify, qualify, and close sales that enable your customers to participate in this growing trend. You will gain the Cisco portfolio knowledge and the skills required to initiate effective business-level and technical conversations to gain customer commitment.


Course Objectives

  • Trends driving the BYOD phenomenon
  • Challenges IT faces in adopting BYOD
  • Four typical adoption scenarios
  • Cisco solutions that enable the BYOD trend, including Cisco Identity Services Engine
  • Use a questioning process to identify and validate BYOD opportunities with customers
  • Position the business and technical value of the Cisco BYOD portfolio to different decision makers
  • Use a process to identify and overcome common business and technical BYOD concerns
  • Access Cisco tools and resources to support BYOD sales activities
Course Content

1. Introduction
  • Business trends driving BYOD
  • Market opportunity
2. Cisco BYOD Solutions
  • Cisco BYOD solutions and architecture
  • Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE)
  • Solution features and benefits
  • Cisco BYOD advantage
  • Translating Cisco advantages into customer value
3. Identifying Cisco BYOD Opportunities
  • Common adoption scenarios
  • Using a questioning process to confirm customer opportunities
4. Closing Cisco BYOD Sales
  • Articulating business and technical value
  • Overcoming common BYOD objections
5. Action Planning
  • Cisco BYOD sales tools
  • Your Cisco BYOD opportunity
  • Personal learning plan
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  • There are no prerequisites for this course.
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