Selling Cisco TelePresence (7944)

Selling Cisco TelePresence (7944)


Duration: 1 day
Course Overview

Learn the skills to successfully sell TelePresence.
Businesses today are looking for ways to use technology to reduce costs and drive innovation. Cisco TelePresence creates value for companies by addressing the need for accelerated decision-making, faster product development, more effective communication with employees and partners, and an improved customer experience. The challenge is that many companies still believe that TelePresence is hard to deploy, hard to use, and really only relevant for large enterprise organizations.
Selling Cisco TelePresence In this course, you will learn to identify, qualify, and close more Cisco TelePresence sales. You will gain the product knowledge and skills required to initiate effective business-level conversations and gain customer commitment


Course Objectives

  • Functional and vertical-specific business capabilities enabled by Cisco TelePresence
  • Use a questioning process to uncover TelePresence opportunities with customers
  • Create a TelePresence strategy for a customer that identifies how the technology will be used, who will use it, and the business benefits that will be realized
  • Match Cisco TelePresence endpoints, infrastructure, and cloud services to a customer's TelePresence strategy
  • Detail the ease of deployment, management, and maintenance to IT decision makers
  • Overcome common objections to TelePresence
  • Tools and resources to support TelePresence sales activities
Course Content

1. Evolution of TelePresence Solutions
  • Market opportunity
  • Business capabilities enabled by TelePresence
  • Functionally
  • Horizontally
  • Vertically
2. Matching Cisco TelePresence Solutions to Customer Strategies
  • Endpoint features and benefits
  • Infrastructure features and benefits
  • Cloud services features and benefits
3. TelePresence Opportunities
  • Elements of a customer strategy
  • Identifying business stakeholders
  • Use a questioning process to understand customer-specific business needs and opportunities
4. Closing TelePresence Sales
  • Articulating business benefits
  • Positioning ease of deployment, management, and maintenance with IT Decision Makers
  • Overcoming common objections
5. Action Planning
  • Cisco TelePresence sales tools
  • Your TelePresence opportunity
  • Personal learning plan
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  • There are no prerequisites for this course.
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