Understanding Customer Needs (2629)

Understanding Customer Needs (2629)


Course Overview

Duration: 1 day
Succeed in the Cisco marketplace by learning to understand customer needs.
Understanding Customer Needs, This course features activities and role-playing exercises that will help you improve your business acumen and gain skills that are critical to growing your business while understanding and serving the needs of your clients and potential customers. In this class, you'll examine the major vertical and horizontal markets and the competitive and environmental factors that drive behaviors within these markets. You'll identify the different types of decision makers and influencers and the ways their roles and responsibilities affect their decision-making criteria. You will review what drives change in an organization and the ways in which success is measured.
In this course, you will discover Cisco's approach to the market and learn how Cisco positions their products to solve different customer needs. In practice activities, you will have the opportunity to align your message with Cisco's, map customer needs to Cisco products, and communicate how these solutions address customer needs. At the end of class, you'll get suggestions on how to review proposals with clients and how to conduct internal debriefing meetings to gauge the success of your own approach to understanding customer needs.
Please bring to class a proposal that you're currently working on, or one you've completed, to share with a classmate.


Course Objectives

  • How to evaluate the customer's business environment
  • How to address the customer's business challenges
  • Techniques to map business challenges to solutions
Follow-On Courses:
  • Project Management Fundamentals
  • Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, and Decision Making
  • Effective Technical Communication
Course Content

1. Understanding the Customer's Business Environment
  • Markets
  • Drivers
  • Trends
  • Key Decision Makers
2. Mapping Business Challenges to Solutions
  • The Role of Lifecycle Services
  • Steps to Mapping
  • Building the Business Case
3. Course Debrief and Action Plan
  • Final Thoughts and Observations
  • Hands-On Exercises
  • Using a specific customer proposal from your own experience (past or present), you will receive peer feedback on the proposal for:
  • Identification of business strategies and goals
  • Understanding of business architecture
  • Mapping solutions to needs
  • Justifying decision to approve solution
Course Certifications

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  • You should bring to class a proposal that you're currently working on or one you've completed
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