Understanding Cisco Business Value Analysis Fundamentals (2224)

Understanding Cisco Business Value Analysis Fundamentals (2224)


Course Overview

Duration: 3 days
Understanding Cisco Business Value Analysis Fundamentals,
Learn business value analysis techniques while preparing for Cisco Exam 810-420.
Engaging with customers through a business value approach leads to new revenue opportunities and higher account loyalty. Sales and services professionals can provide customers with more value in a shorter time period, especially when clearly defined needs can be addressed with standard or mature solutions.
  • Through this course, you will learn new analysis techniques and improve consultative selling skills. This training covers topics such as:
    • Elements of a business value engagement
    • Identifying and engaging with key stakeholders
    • Assessing a customer's business model and motivations
    • Benefits associated with Cisco's architectures and Smart Solutions
    • Financial concepts that influence customer investment decisions
    • Applying an overall framework for successful customer conversations
  • This course prepares you for Cisco Exam 810-420: Business Value Fundamentals, which is required for Cisco Business Value Specialist certification and is one of the exams required for Cisco Certified Business Value Practitioner certification.


Course Objectives

  • Benefits of a business value engagement
  • Engage with a customer using business value terms
  • Use a framework to provide a repeatable process for a business value engagement
  • Employ relevant techniques and tools on a business value engagement
  • Fundamental financial terminology and concepts
  • Read and interpret financial documents
  • Basis for evaluating investment decisions
  • Apply a Customer Conversation Framework with a customer
Course Content

  • Understanding business value
  • Boosting your credibility
  • Establishing your view of business needs
  • Building a Business Model Canvas
  • Engaging with the CxO
  • Preparing strategic questions
  • Creating a Business Motivation Model
  • Translating business needs into capabilities
  • Finance and business value
  • The Customer Conversation Framework
  • Recap/Q&A
Course Certifications

This course is part of the following Certifications:


You should have passed or have knowledge equivalent to that required for the following exams:
  • 646-206 CSE: Cisco Sales Essentials
  • 650-377: Advanced Borderless Network for Account Managers OR 640-367: Advanced Collaboration Architecture Sales Specialist OR 646-985: Data Center Networking Solution Sales
Follow-On Courses:
  • Applying Cisco Specialized Business Value Analysis Skills
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