SSM - Scrum Master


Duration: 2 days

So, why Agile? The future is unpredictable, and with the world and its technology changing ever faster, it is creating greater uncertainty on our needs and requirements. Projects that are able to embrace Agile are able to adapt faster, delivering little and often, testing the environment and remaining customer-focused. Scrum is the most popular agile
methodology practiced globally.

The Scrum Master course has been designed by leveraging the Scrum Foundations course to focus on the role of Scrum Master. Participants get a refresher of Scrum’s fundamentals and experience the Scrum way with hands-on exercises. The course combines instruction and team exercises with added focus on Scrum Master. The role of Scrum Master will take centre stage with deep dive on servant leadership.

Through an experiential and fun class, participants learn the Scrum framework by working together in sprints to build a product. The exercises are designed to demonstrate the rules of Scrum and role of Scrum Master.

This course is an exam prep course for the Professional Scrum Master I (PSM I) certification exam. Participants will learn the techniques to sit for PSM I. PSM I is a highly reputable global certification being issued by

Participants are eligible to claim 14 PMI PDUs upon attending this course.

This course is provided in partnership with Sapience Consulting Pte. Ltd.


  • Understand the Agile values and principles
  • Understand the pillars, values, roles, events and artifacts of Scrum
  • Role-play Scrum Master to appreciate the scope and servant leadership
  • Prepare the students for PSM I certification exam


  • Agile values and principles
  • The Scrum framework
  • Generally Accepted Scrum Practices
  • Scrum Master deep-dive
  • Building a product with Scrum
  • Running a Scrum project.


This course is intended for project managers, designers, project members,
developers or individuals who want to use Scrum as the agile product delivery methodology and pursue the PSM I certification. 


It is preferred that students have attended the Scrum Foundations course. 


This course prepares the students to sit for the PSM I certification exam after the course. One PSM I exam shall be facilitated for each student. 


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