Data Mid-End (DME) Consultant Training (ACT82006)

Data Mid-End (DME) Consultant Training (ACT82006)


1 Day

Data Mid-End is a methodology together with products developed according to the best practices in the field of data of Alibaba Group. It designed to help users create and manage intelligent and unified data assets and empower innovation, as well as a comprehensive one-stop solution including data integration, warehouse modeling, identity and profile distilling, asset management, and data services.


  • Understand the advantages of Alibaba Cloud DME
  • Understand the core methodology of DME (OneID, One Data, One service)
  • Learn from real-world user cases
  • Overview of DME commercialization
  • DME general solutions and techniques
  • DME global data asset design method
  • DME products introduction
  • Hands-on: using QuickBI to create data reports
  • Application construction & User cases
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