Alibaba Cloud Technical Essentials (ACT81001)

Alibaba Cloud Technical Essentials (ACT81001)


In the era of Data Technology, you may be asking the following questions:
  • What is cloud computing? 
  • How do cloud products like Elastic Compute Service, RDS, Server Load Balancer, and Object Storage Service for Alibaba Cloud work? 
  • Where and why should I use cloud services to replace my traditional IT infrastructure?
To answer these questions and help you benefit from cloud technology, Alibaba Cloud professionals recommend the following course: "Alibaba Cloud Technical Essentials." 


  • Understand the big picture of Alibaba Cloud products portfolio.
  • Quickly know the key products in Cloud Computing, Security, and Big Data area.
  • Learn reference cases from real customers.

  1. Alibaba Cloud History and Competency Overview

  2. How to implement application load balancing plus static and dynamic data separation - Alibaba Cloud Fundamental Architecture Introduction and Reference Cases

  3. How to achieve auto-scaling and cloud networking - Alibaba Cloud Elastic Architecture Introduction and Reference Cases

  4. How to do big data retrieving, sorting and analyzing - Alibaba Cloud Data Analysis Architecture Introduction and Reference Cases

  5. Protect your asserts in Cloud - Alibaba Cloud Security Solutions and Management Tools overview

  6. Understand how to easily do online business in China mainland - China Gateway (ICP, Alibaba Ecosystem, Managed Service etc.) Introduction

This Course falls as a part of the preparation for ACA Cloud Computing Certification. *Exam Fees are not part of the mentioned fees for this training. 
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