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ACT82002 - Alibaba Cloud MaxCompute & DataWorks Deep Dive


Duration: 1 day

MaxCompute (formerly ODPS) provides a fast and fully hosting GB/TB/PB-level data warehouse solution. In this course, you will learn how to program on MaxCompute, as well as the MaxCompute architecture, comparison between Apsara System which MaxCompute runs on and Hadoop ecosystem, how to optimize the MaxCompute SQL program. You will also get the knowledge of the security mechanism of MaxCompute. One-stop Big Data development, data permission management, offline job scheduling, and other features in DataWorks will also be included.


  • Learn about best practices of data development with SQL and Python
  • Performance optimization, Python UDF based on MaxCompute and DataWorks
  • Hadoop vs Apsara (YARN vs FUXI, HDFS vs Pangu, etc.)
  • Get hands-on opportunities of Alibaba Cloud MaxCompute and DataWorks


Data Developers, Data analyst, Data scientist, Technical Operator, Solution Design Engineer that are interested in or aim to adopt Alibaba Cloud.


  • Common concepts of MaxCompute
  • SQL task optimization
  • Data development: SQL & Python UDF
  • Hands-on: MaxCompute Python UDF
  • DataWorks: Best practices for job scheduling
  • MaxCompute core functions and features
  • Comparison and Best practices




ACP Big Data Certification


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