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Validate your expertise with Alibaba Cloud Certification, gain recognition and visibility for your proven technical competencies. Choose from scenario-based / technical-based certifications and take the exam online or offline. Attend classroom trainings, learn and practice Alibaba Cloud products and solutions with certified instructors.

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Alibaba Cloud Computing (ACT810025 BootCamp)
This course prepares for you to attempt the ACA Cloud Computing Certification and covers the core products from computing, storage, networking to security.

Alibaba Cloud Big Data Architecture (ACT82001)
This course prepares you for ACA Big Data Certification & it covers basic distributed system theory & Alibaba Cloud's core products like MaxCompute, DataWorks, E-MapReduce & ecosystem tools.

Alibaba Cloud Container Service Best Practice (ACT81007)
This course is for Developers who want to learn comprehensive knowledge about Docker, Kubernetes & Alibaba Cloud Container Service.

Alibaba Cloud E-MapReduce (ACT82003)
The course focuses on big data processing using Alibaba Cloud Elastic MapReduce (E-MapReduce) using Apache Hadoop and Spark.

Alibaba Cloud Machine Learning and AI (ACT82005)
Data Scientist can benefit from understanding Alibaba Cloud’s ultra-intelligent AI Platform for solving complex business & social problems & machine learning.

Alibaba Cloud MaxCompute & DataWorks Deep Dive (ACT82002)
This course teaches how to program on MaxCompute & its architecture, the Apsara System vs Hadoop ecosystem, optimize the MaxCompute SQL program as well as security mechanism of MaxCompute.

Alibaba Cloud Migration Solutions (ACT81004)
This course helps cloud migration engineers to migrate to Alibaba Cloud from different independant data centers & cloud providers using the various migration tools available

Alibaba Cloud RealTime Compute (ACT82004)
You will learn how to quickly start to use Realtime Compute & understand the components of stream computing ecosystem like datahub, Apache Kafka & DataV.

Alibaba Cloud Security Solutions (ACT 83001)
It provides candidates with the knowledge to attempt the ACP Cloud Security Certification & covers core products in security, monitoring, and management.