WMICW - webMethods Integration Cloud Workshop


Duration: 2 days
The webMethods Integration Cloud Workshop enables you to develop integration applications using the webMethods Integration Cloud as Platform-as-a-Service (IPaaS). You will learn how to integrate and orchestrate SaaS (Software as a Service) applications and on-premise enterprise integrations served by a webMethods Integration Server.


  • Learn how to integrate an WebMethods Integration Server as on premise application to the Integration Cloud 
  • Learn how to create Point-To-Point Integrations 
  • Learn how to create, reuse and monitor simple and complex orchestration integrations


Session 1
  • WebMethods Integration Cloud Overview
        o Digital Business Platform
        o Cloud Computing Definitions
        o Connectors
        o API Cloud & Integration Cloud
        o Hybrid Integration
        o Cloud to On-Premise Integration

Session 2
  • Administration of webMethods Integration Cloud
        o User Registration
        o User Management
        o User Assignments
        o Access Profiles
        o Stage Management
        o Audit Log
        o Alert Rules

Session 3
  • On-Premise Cloud Application Integration
        o SaaS and On-Premise Applications
        o Hybrid Integration
        o On-Premise versus IS Cloud Integration

Session 4
  • Point-to-Point Integration
        o SaaS Application Integration
        o Cloud Providers
        o Creating Point-to-Point Integration
        o Map Data oTransformers

Session 5
  • Orchestration Integration Development
        o Point-to-Point vs Orchestration Integration
        o Creating Orchestration Integration
        o Services in Integration Orchestrations
  • Document Type
  • Document Type generation from JSON
  • Reference Data
  • Import Reference Data

Session 6
  • Advanced Orchestration Integration Development
        o Invoke Orchestration Integrations with REST Clients
        o Reuse Orchestration Integrations
        o Develop/Test Reusable Orchestration Integrations
        o Monitoring Orchestration integrations



Good programming knowledge is recommended

  • webMethods ESB 10.x with a Public IP
  • FTP Server with a Public IP
  • webMethods Integration Cloud Platform 
  • Oracle 11g

  • 8 GB RAM 
  • 100 GB HDD 
  • Processor: I3 or higher

Operating System
  • Windows 7 Professional (64 bit)



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