PYTHON-FUN - Python Fundamentals


Duration: 3 days
Python is an interpreted, high-level, general-purpose programming language used in various fields such as data science, web development, automation, and general software engineering. This Python 3 Fundamentals course is a great introduction to both basic programming concepts and the essentials of the Python (latest 3.8.2) programming language syntax.


  • Learn what Python is as a programming language and when to choose it versus other programming languages 
  • Learn how to interpret and write Python syntax 
  • Understand the basic data types of the language including their usages in various modules that are part of the standard library 
  • Get hands-on experience with solving programming challenges and questions using Python 
  • To learn how Python modules work and be able to install and use third-party modules from the public index


1.Getting Started
                ii.Choice of IDE
                iii.Required modules
        b.Project Environment Setup
                i.Creating a workspace folder
                ii.Testing if installation is correct

2.First Steps Towards Programming
        b.Symbols Definition

3.Data Types
        b.Data Structures

        a.Arithmetic Operators
        b.Compound Operators
        c.Comparison Operators
        d.Membership Operators
        e.Logical Operators
        f.Identity Operators

5.Control Structures
                i.For loop
                ii.While loop
                iii.Loop with Else
        c.The range() function
        d.Break, Continue & Pass

        a.Calling functions
        b.Defining functions
        c.Returning values
        d.Accepting arguments
                i.Default arguments
                ii.Keyword arguments
                iii.Arbitrary arguments list
        e.Anonymous Functions
        i.Map, Filter

7.Modules & Packages
        a.Introduction to The Standard Library
                ii.Dates and Times
                iv.Operating System Interface
        d.Installing Third-Party Packages

        a.General comprehension syntax
        b.Types of comprehension

        a.Generators vs Lists
        b.General generator syntax
        c.Functional generators

10.Object Oriented Programming
        a.Introduction to Object Oriented Programming
        b.Classes and Objects
                i.Properties and Methods
                ii.Initialiser & Destructor
        c.Inheritance and Method Overwriting

11.Error Handling
        a.When to use Exceptions
        b.Handling Exceptions
        c.Custom error handling routines

12.File and Directory Handling
        a.Reading & Writing Text Files
        b.Managing files and folders from Python

        a.Introduction to databases
        b.CRUD operations on SQLite3
        c.Integrating with external databases

14.Virtual Environments
        a.Creating virtual environments

15. Custom Content (depending on attendee’s requirements)
        a.Exploration of relevant packages      
        b.Mini project




Good to Have:
  • Basic understanding of command line interface tools 
  • Intermediate knowledge of Object Oriented Programming 
  • Experience with other high level languages like Java or JavaScript


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