NO-SQL-DB - NoSQL Database


Duration: 4 days
This course is designed to understand different NoSQL Database for Relational Database Administrator.


We will learn individual NoSQL database and Compare usage scenario of different types of NoSQL database, features, concepts, operation and Management.


  • A Basic knowledge of core java 
  • Experience with any other web framework will be helpful.


Module 1 : Introduction to NoSQL Database 

  • What Is Meant By NoSQL? 
  • Distributed and Decentralized 
  • Elastic Scalability 
  • High Availability and Fault Tolerance 
  • Major types of NoSQL databases •Primary use case Advantages/disadvantages of each type

Module 2 : Hbase NoSQL Database

  • Use cases and usage occasions for HBase 
  • HDFS vs.HBase, HBase Use Cases, Data Modeling HBase 
  • Identify architectural components and core concepts of HBase 
  • HBase functionality 
  • HBase schema design 
  • HBase services and data operations 
  • HBase Shell, HBase API, Primary Operations, Advanced Operations
  • Monitor and Manage HBase database

Module 3: Cassandra NoSQL Database 

  • Describe Apache Cassandra 
  • Common use cases - large deployments 
  • Cassandra architecture 
  • Cassandra Data Model 
  • Cassandra Data Access and Operation 
  • Data Modeling 
  • Compound keys and clustering 
  • Expiring columns 
  • Using natural or surrogate primary keys 
  • Indexing About indexing (When to use an index and when not to use an index) 
  • Using multiple indexes 
  • Using the database 
  • Querying Cassandra 
  • Creating a table 
  • Using a compound primary key 
  • Inserting data into a table 
  • Using the keyspace qualifier 
  • Determining time-to-live for a column 
  • Determing the date/time of a write 
  • Adding columns to a table 
  • Altering the data type of a column 
  • Removing data 
  • Expiring columns 
  • Dropping a table or keyspace 
  • Deleting columns and rows 
  • Cassandra Monitoring and Administration 
  • Compare HBASE vs Cassandra NoSQL wide column store database

Module 4 : MongoDB NoSQL Database 

  • MongoDB Overview and Use cases 
  • MongoDB Architecture and concepts 
  • MongoDB CRUD operation 
  • Data In and Data Out 
  • Schema Design and Modelling 
  • Indexing, Replica set, Sharding and Monitoring 

Lab Details: 

  • Windows 7 or Higher
  • 16 GB RAM
  • VMWare Player 
  • Oracle virtual box 
  • 100 gb Hard Disk Space 
  • Internet Connection


Web and Java Application developer


Trainocate Certificate of Attendance


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