JAVA-FUN - Java Fundamentals Training Course


Duration: 5 days
This Full Stack Java Developer program is designed to give you an essence of front-end, middleware, and back-end Java web developer technologies. You’ll learn to build an end-to-end application, test and deploy code, store data using MongoDB, and much more.


Program will enable you to build interactive and responsive web applications using both front-end and back-end technologies. It starts with basics of Web Development, covers JavaScript and jQuery essentials, guides you to build remarkable user interface via Angular or React, helps you to build scalable backend applications using Express & Node.js plus manage data using MongoDB.


  • Experienced professionals who are looking to have an exciting career in the leading JAVA Development platform 
  • Functional consultants who are looking to switch to UI Design and Development 
  • Fresher's who are looking to get a jump start to their careers in Java Development


  • Agile
  • Scrum
  • RAD
  • Iterated Waterfall

Web Application Development
  • Servlet 3.0 
  • Java Server Pages (JSP) 2.3, 2.2 
  • Java Server Faces (JSF) 2.2 
  • Enterprise Java Beans (EJB) 
  • Struts 2 
  • spring 2.X-4.X 
  • Hibernate 3.X-4.X 
  • Maven 2.0

Database Development
  • SQL 
  • PL/SQL 
  • JDBC

  • MySQL, Oracle 9i/10g/11g 
  • NoSQL 
  • MongoDB

Web Design Technologies/Tools
  • HTML5 
  • Angular Js 2.0 
  • Node Js 
  • D3 Js 
  • JavaScript 1.8 
  • J query 
  • XML, CSS 3

Application Servers/Web Servers
  • Apache Tomcat
  • Glassfish
  • JBoss
  • BEA WebLogic
  • IBM WebSphere

XML Technologies
  • XSL 
  • DOM 
  • XML Schema 
  • SAX 
  • XSLT 
  • WSDL

Integrated Development Environment (IDE)
  • Net Beans 
  • Eclipse 
  • MyEclipse 
  • JBuilder 
  • RAD

Version Control
  • SVN 
  • CVS 
  • GitHub

Operating Systems
  • UNIX 
  • Linux


Participants need to have a basic knowledge of programming concepts and Linux operating system.


Trainocate Certificate of Attendance


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