ATC-5GTRS - 5G Technologies - Radio frequencies/Satellite communications


Duration: 3 days
An in-depth understanding of the wireless channel and the related impairments (multipath, fading), small-scale and large-scale propagation effects ,Understanding of the design of cellular systems, detailed discussion of Multiple Access (TDMA/CDMA/OFDM), Antenna diversity, MIMO, Wireless Channel Capacity, Computer simulations of wireless systems, Exposure to current and emerging wireless and cellular systems. (LTE, 802.11)




You don't need to have any pre-requisite qualifications to take this course, although a basic understanding of wireless and mobile communication system will be beneficial.


Overview of wireless communications and systems.
  • Review of digital communications.
  • Cellular systems from 1G to 3G.
  • Wireless 4G systems.
  • Wireless 5G systems.

Radio propagation and propagation path-loss model.
  • Free-space attenuation. Multipath channel characteristics.
  • Signal fading statistics.
  • Path-loss models.

Fundamentals of cellular communications.
  • Hexagonal cell geometry.
  • Co-channel interference.
  • Cellular system design.
  • Sectoring using directional antennas.

Multiple access techniques.
  • Frequency division multiple access (FDMA).
  • Time division multiple access (TDMA).
  • Code division multiple access (CDMA).
  • Space division multiple access (SDMA).
  • Orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM).
  • Multicarrier CDMA (MC-CDMA).
  • Random access methods.

Wide-area wireless networks (WANs).
  • GSM — IS-136.
  • IS-95.
  • UMTS.
  • Cdma2000.

Long Term Evolution Technologies (LTE).
  • OFDM.
  • MIMO channels.
  • Space Time Codes.
  • LTE Advanced.

Other Wireless systems IEEE 802.11 WLAN (WiFi).

Closing and Remarks.


Basic Knowledge of 4G


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