ANSIBLE-FUN - Ansible Fundamentals


Duration: 2 days
Ansible is without doubt one of the most lightweight and complete infrastructure and configuration management tool that exists today. This course intends to provide an in-depth hand on experience of managing and manipulating infrastructure with Ansible. The course starts with building a strong foundation in Configuration management and goes on to exhibit several real-world scenarios that any system administrator would come across on a day to day basis.


  • Understand Ansible Configuration Management fundamentals. 
  • Design fast, secure and efficient Playbooks to provision environments quickly. 
  • Deploy real world Applications to understand the nuances of Ansible playbook. 
  • Demonstrate automation of basic Infrastructure management tasks.


  • System Administrators 
  • DevOps Engineers 
  • Infrastructure Engineers/Administrators  
  • Full-stack Software Engineers with interest in Automation 
  • IT Leaders 
  • Engineers and Architects 
  • System Operations Personnel 
  • Anyone who would like to be a DevOps Professional



  • System Administration and Devops Overview
  • Modern Infrastructure Management

System Architecture and Design 

  • Ansible Installation and Configuration
  • Inventory and Date sources
  • Ansible Ad-Hoc commands
  • Dynamic Inventories
  • Playbooks and Order of Operations
  • Modules
  • Variables
  • Protecting Secrets with Ansible Vault

Ansible and Jinja2 Templates 

  • Control Structures
  • Conditionals and Loops
  • Data Manipulation
  • Filters

Ansible Roles 

  • Role Structure
  • Tasks
  • Handlers
  • Variables
  • Modules
  • Dependencies
  • Files and Templates

Ansible Playbooks 

  • Running Playbooks with "ansible-playbook"
  • Limiting Playbooks hosts and groups
  • Setting user options with "ansible-playbook"
  • Playbook : Deploying CentOS Node.js app server
  • Playbook : Deploying Ubuntu Lamp Server
  • Playbook : Deploying Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana

Ansible Playbooks - Deep Dive

  • Handlers
  • Environment Variables
  • Playbook Variables
  • Inventory Variables
  • Registered Variables
  • Facts : Variables Derived from System Information
  • Delegation, Local Actions and Pauses

Ansible and Infrastructure Administration 

  • Removing unused software
  • User account configuration and Permissions
  • Automating OS updates

Troubleshooting Ansible 

  • Logging and Verbosity
  • Debugging code execution
  • Debugging Inventory
  • Debugging remote execution and code


There are no prerequisites for this course. However, a basic understanding of Linux command line operations, networking and DevOps would be advantageous.


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