ZEP-IDA - Zeppelin for Interactive Data Analytics Training Course


Duration: 3 days

This instructor-led, live training introduces the concepts behind interactive data analytics and walks participants through the deployment and usage of Zeppelin in a single-user or multi-user environment.





  • What is Apache Zeppelin
  • How is Zeppelin similar/different from another Analytics Tool 
  • Getting up & running with Zeppelin

          - Login

          - Create Notebook

           - Layout

  • Paragraph 
  • Menu 
  • Note Toolbar 
  • Collaboration feature 
  • Data Visualization 
  • Usefulness of Data collaboration features 
  • Problem handling in data sharing 
  • Use Case Hands on 

Introduction to Data Ecosystem (Ingestion, Warehousing, Discovery, Visualization, Analytics (AI/ML) 

  • Industry standard Platform, Tools & Language for Data Analytics (Informatica, Hadoop, Zeppelin, Tableau, MS R, Py etc.) 

The zeppelin Interpreter 

  • Simple Spark & R Exploration 
  • Spark SQL on flat files stored in Hadoop
  • Spark MLIB
  • Use Case Analysis with Zeppelin, R & Spark 

Data Extraction & Exploration Data Manipulation Data Visualization Show possible Viz Explore the various Viz setting Share the Visualization 

  • Access sample data through each of the interpreter(Write/Test /Run /Debug the code) 
  •  Explore the possible Visualization with settings 
  • Share/Publish the Visualization 
  • Building Predictive Models (Linear) on PySpark(hands on, if time permits otherwise exercises will be shared)

Day 2 & 3 

Phase 2: Spark SQL, SparkR and PySpark with Zeppelin Interpretor


Typically, professionals with basic knowledge of software development, programming languages, and databases will find this course really helpful. Basic knowledge should be enough to succeed at this course. This is uniquely designed who are practitioners of MS-R and have a fair knowledge on analytical background




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