Zeppelin for Interactive Data Analytics Training Course

Zeppelin for Interactive Data Analytics Training Course


Course Duration: 3 Days

This instructor-led, live training introduces the concepts behind interactive data analytics and walks participants through the deployment and usage of Zeppelin in a single-user or multi-user environment.


  • What is Apache Zeppelin  
  • How is Zeppelin similar/different from another Analytics Tool 
  • Getting up & running with Zeppelin 
  • •Login 
    •Create Notebook 
  • Paragraph 
  • Menu 
  • Note Toolbar 
  • Collaboration feature 
  • Data Visualization 
  • Usefulness of Data collaboration features 
  • Problem handling in data sharing 
  • Use Case Hands on 
Introduction to Data Ecosystem (Ingestion, Warehousing, Discovery, Visualization, Analytics (AI/ML) 
  • Industry standard Platform, Tools & Language for Data Analytics (Informatica, Hadoop, Zeppelin, Tableau, MS R, Py etc.) 
The zeppelin Interpreter 
  • Simple Spark & R Exploration 
  • Spark SQL on flat files stored in Hadoop  
  • Spark MLIB
  • Use Case Analysis with Zeppelin, R & Spark 
Data Extraction & Exploration Data Manipulation  Data Visualization  Show possible Viz Explore the various Viz setting  Share the Visualization 
  • Access sample data through each of the interpreter(Write/Test /Run /Debug the code) 
  •  Explore the possible Visualization with settings 
  • Share/Publish the Visualization 
  • Building Predictive Models (Linear) on PySpark(hands on, if time permits otherwise exercises will be shared)
Day 2 & 3

Phase 2: Spark SQL, SparkR and PySpark with Zeppelin Interpretor
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