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TABLEAU - Tableau Training Course


Duration: 5 days

This course helps you implement important concepts, techniques& admin activities in Tableau. Move from simple to complex visualizations and combine them in interactive dashboards.





  • What is Visualization?
  • What Is Dashboard?
  • Why Tableau?
  • Comparison of Tableau with other tools
  • Limitations of Tableau
  • New features in 2019

Connecting to Data 

  • Connecting to files

        o Connecting to data – Basics 
        o Editing Data connections and data sources 
        o Editing Metadata and saving data sources
        o Joins in Tableau 
        o Data Source level Filters 

  • Connecting to Databases

        o Connecting to Oracle, SQL Server, Google Analytics, Different  RDBMS Databases 
        o Connecting to Big Databases like HDFS, Hive, Greenplum, Teradata 
        o Calling Stored Procedure in Tableau 
        o Join Types 
        o Custom SQLs 

Creating Basic Visualizations    
        o Getting Started in Tableau Desktop 
        o Elements of Visualization 
        o Understanding of Dimensions & Measures 
        o Basic Graphs 
                o Bar Chart 
                o Stacked Bar Chart 
                o Line Chart 
                o Area Chart 
                o Pie Chart 
                o Filled Maps 
                o Symbol Maps 
                o Scatter Plots 
                o Trend Line 
                o Bullet Chart 
                o Part to Whole Chart 
                o Tree Map 
                o Word cloud 
                o Bubble Chart 
                o Discrete Line Charts 
                o Discrete Area Charts 
                o Highlight Table 
                o Heat Map 
                o Cross Tabs 
                o Normal Tables 
                o Grand Totals, Sub-totals and Changing Aggregation 

        o Dual Axis Graphs 
                o Dual line chart 
                o Side by side bar chart 
                o Donut Chart 
                o Map and Pie Chart 
                o Map and Donut Chart 
                o Bar in Bar Chart 
                o Bar & Circle Chart 

        o Measure Name & Measure Values 
                o Multi-line chart 
                o Combo Charts 
                o Highlight table with Multiple Measures 

Simplifying and Sorting Your Data    
        o Data Filtering 
        o Local Filters 
        o Global Filters 
        o Data Source Level Filters 
        o Context Filters 
        o Sorting 
                o Sorting Single Dimension Graphs 
                o Sorting Multi Dimension Graphs 
                o Sorting by Different Measures 

Organizing your Data        

        o Using Groups 
                o Static Groups vs. Dynamic Groups 
        o Creating and Using Hierarchies 
        o Creating a Combined Field 
        o Using Sets 

Slicing your Data by Date 

        o Working with Dates 
        o Using Discrete Date Parts 
        o Creating Date Filters 
        o Defining a Fiscal Year 
        o Creating Custom Dates 

Data Blending 

        o What is Data Blending? 
        o Data Blending on Multiple columns 

File Types in Tableau 

        o TWB vs TWBX, TDE, TDS vs TDSX, TBM 

Connection Types 

        o Live Connection Vs Data Extracts 
        o Creating Extracts 
        o Using and Refreshing Extracts 
        o Incremental Refresh 

Dashboard Creation 

        o Creating Dashboards 
        o Actions in Tableau 
        o Navigation Buttons 
        o Dashboard Formatting 
        o Bringing Images, web pages in Tableau 
        o Usage of Containers 
        o Best Practices in Dashboard Designing 

Calculations and Statistics 

        o Edit in Shelf 
        o Introduction to Calculations 
        o Statistical Calculations 
        o Calculation Types 
        o Creating Calculated Fields 
        o Using Logic Statements 
        o Type Conversions and Date Calculations 
        o Using Quick Table Calculations 
        o Calculations and Aggregations 
        o Conditional Formatting 

Using Parameters for Dynamic Values 

        o What if Analysis using parameters 
        o Parameters as Column Selectors 
        o Dynamic Reference lines using Parameters 
        o Dynamic Top N values using Parameters 
        o Graph selector using Parameters 

Sharing Your Work 

        o Export to an Image File 
        o Exporting the Data Only 
        o Other Sharing Options 
        o Integrating Dashboard to Other Portals 
        o Publishing Dashboards on Tableau Public 

Dashboard Best Practices 

        o Sizing 
        o Dashboard Designing 
        o Finalizing KPIs 
        o Dashboard Formatting 
        o Working with Big Data 
        o Working in Shared Environment 
        o Parallel Development & Integration 
        o Data Visualization Best Practices 
        o Making Efficient Dashboard 

Story Telling 

        o Why Storytelling? 
        o How to Create Story Board 

Q&A & Windup Session


Tableau Fundamentals & Advance serves the beginner to intermediate Tableau user, targeted towards anyone who works with data – regardless of technical or analytical background.




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