Scala for Spark Training Course




  • Introduction to Functional Programming 
  • Introduction to Scala
  • Scala Fundamentals
  • Functions & Procedures
  • Collections
        o Sets
        o Maps
        o Lists
        o Tuples
        o Arrays
  • Objects in Scala
        o Singletons
        o Companion Objects
        o Objects Extending a Class or Trait
        o Application Objects
  • Inheritance
        o Extending a Class
        o Method Overriding
        o Protected Fields and Methods
        o Overriding
        o Anonymous Subclasses
        o Abstract Classes
        o Abstract Fields
        o Inheritance Hierarchy
        o Object Equality
        o Value Classes

Higher Order Functions using Collection
  • Traits
        o Traits in Scala
        o Mixing traits into Objects
        o Layered Traits
        o Traits for Rich Interfaces
        o Scala class hierarchy
  • Functions & Procedures
        o Local functions
        o First class functions
        o Partially applied functions
  • Classes in Scala 
        o Simple Classes and Parameter less Methods
        o Access modifiers and rules
        o Type parameters
        o Object-Private Fields
        o Auxiliary Constructors
        o The Primary Constructor
        o Nested Classes

  • Higher Order functions in Collections
  • Anonymous Functions (aka Function Literals)
  • Introduction to Eclipse 
  • Setting up a Project 
  • Creating a New Scala Application in integration with IDEs 
  • Create, build, and debug Scala projects 
  • [Exercise] Scala Basics 
  • [Exercise] Scala Flow Structures 
  • [Exercise] Scala Functions
  • [Exercise] Scala data Structures
  • [Exercise] Scala Collections
  • [Exercise] Scala Inheritance
Higher Order Functions using Collection

  • [Exercise] Traits 
  • Programming Exercises on Tuples, Sets, Maps and Lists 
  • Higher order functions on Collections 
  • [Exercise] Functional Programming
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