SALTSTACK-AUTO - Saltstack Automation


Duration: 3 days

Salt is the easiest, most powerful way to manage servers. Whether few, hundreds or even thousands of servers, salt can be used to manage them from a single central point. Our objective is to learn Saltstack internals and tricks that can help us flexibly target any subset of servers to run commands and accomplish tasks. We will delve into Salts state system to define the state of the infrastructure in a data-driven way and then enforce that state in seconds. We will look at creating a reactive, self-healing infrastructure using the event system.


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Diving in 

  • Introducing Salt
  • Installing Salt

         - Installing Salt with system packages 
         - Installing Salt with Salt Bootstrap 

  • Configuring Salt


  • Remote execution command structure
  • Command line options
  • Targeting
  • Using grains
  • Using pillars
  • Compound matching
  • Adding users
  • Installing packages
  • Monitoring Minion states

Defining State of Infrastructure 

  • State declaration
  • Dependencies using requisites
  • Execution Modules
  • Expanding states with Jinja2 and Pillar
  • Highstate and Environments

Reactor and Event System 

  • Salt Event system
  • Listening to events
  • Event Structure
  • Firing events from Salt


  • Monitoring with Beacons
  • Watching for data
  • Validating configuration

Other Salt Concepts 

  • Security Best Practices in Salt
  • Extending Salt Configurations

           - Setting grains dynamically 
           - Creating external Pillars 

  • Extending the Master
  • Managing Tasks Asynchronously
  • Salt Information Systems


IT Professionals and Ops Engineers involved with managing servers at scale. System administrators, Devops professionals, application/web-developers looking to expand their knowledge and gain expertise with Saltstack.




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