MariaDB Training Course


Course Duration: 3 Days This class will school you in the essentials of the DBA trade, extend your skill set to all aspects of administering MariaDB. We’ll cover MariaDB concepts and essential tools, in addition to optimal use of resources available for your databases. We’ll also thoroughly review core administrative task such as backups and restoration, monitoring and maintaining database, and user security.


Installing MariaDB server
  • Installing in Ubuntu/Debian
  • Installing in other Linux Distributions 
  • Installation on Windows 
  • What is MariaDB 
  • Features of MariaDB
  • Perform the MariaDB start and shutdown operations
  • Activate and Manage MariaDB server logs 

MariaDB Log Files
  • Error Log
  • General Query Log
  • Update Log
  • Binary Log 
  • Slow Query Log 
  • Log File Maintenance and Rotation
Performance and Usage Statistics
  • Describe MariaDB Server Essentials
  • Evaluate the datatypes and character sets 
  • Understand MariaDB schema objects such as views, triggers and table partitioning 
  • Compare and gain on understanding of the multiple storage engines in MariaDB 
  • Understand transactions and data locking in Maria DB 
  • Manager users, roles and security including data at rest encryption 
  • Perform back and restore operations using different backup methods 
  • Maria DB resources utilization
  • Performance tuning techniques 
  • High availability
  • Monitor MariaDB replication 
  • PL/SQL and Windows functions on Maria DB
  • Basic SQL knowledge 
  • Working knowledge of MariaDB is recommended, but not needed
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