LINUX-FUN - Linux Fundamental


Duration: 4 days
Linux Fundamental provides students a thorough introduction to Linux™ for those who are new to the Linux environment. Delegates will learn how to manage files and directories, utilize the vi editor, work with Linux security mechanisms to protect files and programs, work with the Linux shell to control the flow and processing of data through pipelines, design and write shell programs of moderate complexity, and manage multiple concurrent processes in order to achieve higher utilization of Linux. They will learn how to perform basic operations on the system and how quickly to solve problem.


  • Teaches the fundamentals of Linux operating system 
  • Prepares the student for Linux administration course


Module 1: Introduction and Processes
Module 2: Linux Kernel and Your Hardware
Module 3: Linux Utilities & Applications
Module 4: Using Removable Media
Module 5: Users Administration
Module 6: The X Window System
Module 7: Software Installation and Un-installation
Module 8: Basic Networking
Module 9: Basic Network Operation Utilities
Module 10: Text Processing Tools & Shell Scripting
Module 11: Printing
Module 12: Basic Security
Module 13: Linux Installation


  • Experienced computer users who wish to learn the fundamentals of the Linux operating system 
  • Experienced Windows system professionals who wish to enhance their value by gaining an additional set of skill and qualification in the fastest growing operating system in the world


  • Experienced computer users


Trainocate Certificate of Attendance


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