Kafka Developer Training Course


Course Duration: 3 Days


  • Traits
        o Traits in Scala
        o Mixing traits into Objects
        o Layered Traits
        o Traits for Rich Interfaces
        o Scala class hierarchy
  • Functions & Procedures 
        o Local functions
        o First class functions
        o Partially applied functions
        o Currying
        o Default & Named Arguments
        o Varargs
        o Procedures
        o Closures
  • Classes in Scala 
        o Simple Classes and Parameter less Methods
        o Access modifiers and rules
        o Type parameters
        o Object-Private Fields
        o Auxiliary Constructors
        o The Primary Constructor
        o Nested Classes
  • Higher Order functions in Collections
  •  Anonymous Functions (aka Function Literals)
  • Pattern Matching in Depth 
        o Using the match keyword to return a value
        o Using case classes for pattern matching
        o Adding pattern guards to match conditions
        o Partially specifying matches with wildcards
        o Deep matching using case constructors
        o Matching against collections of items
  • Using extractors instead of case classes 
  • Exception Handling
Phase 1: Understanding Big Data and Kafka (Day1)
  • What is Big Data & Dimensions of Big Data 
  • Big Data in Advertising, Banking, Telecom, eCommerce, Healthcare, Defense 
  • Input options of Big Data 
  • Associated Challenges 
  • Introduction to Kafka 
  • Why Kafka 
  • Kafka Use Cases 
  • Introduction to Zookeeper 
  • Zookeeper: Distributed Applications and Challenges 
  • Zookeeper: Handling Partial Failures 
  • Zookeeper: Leader Election 
  • Aggregating User Activity Using Kafka 
  • Zookeeper for Kafka 
  • Kafka Architecture 
  • What is Kafka Data Model? 
  • What is a topic 
  • What is a partition and Partition Distribution 
  • What is a producer 
  • What is a consumer
Phase 2: Kafka Deep Dive (Day 2 and 3)
  • Zookeeper Architecture 
  • Zookeeper watcher 
  • Kafka broker tuning parameters 
  • Kafka Mirror Maker 
  • Kafka Brokers 
  • Kafka Replication 
  • Persistence and Offsets 
  • The Kafka broker property list 
  • Customer Key and Value Serializer 
  • Replication and Partition management in Kafka 
  • Writing Producers-- The Scala producer API 
  • Creating a Scala producer with custom partitioning and Serializers The Kafka producer property list 
  • Writing Consumers Kafka consumer APIs 
  • Simple Scala consumers Reading messages from a topic and printing them 
  • Publish-Subscribe System 
  • Configuring Producers with Scala 
  • Security options in Kafka
Phase 3: Understanding Scala Programming (Day 4 and 5)
  • Introduction to Functional Programming
  • Introduction to Scala
  • Scala Fundamentals
  • Functions & Procedures 
  • Collections 
        o Sets
        o Maps
        o Lists
        o Tuples
        o Arrays
  • Higher Order Functions on Collections
  • Objects in Scala oSingletons 
        ocCompanion Objects
        ocObjects Extending a Class or Trait
        ocApplication Objects
  • Inheritance 
        o Extending a Class
        o Method Overriding
        o Protected Fields and Methods
        o Overriding
        o Anonymous Subclasses
        o Abstract Classes
        o Abstract Fields
        o Inheritance Hierarchy
        o Object Equality
        o Value Classes
  • Software Development 
  • Unix and Hadoop
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