JavaFX Training Course


Course Duration: 4 Days


  • JavaFX vs Swing, SWT, AWT 
  • The History of Java UI Toolkits
  • Java SE UI Toolkits,AWT
  • Java Foundation Classes and the Emergence of Swing
  • Swing,Additional UI Toolkits,SWT,Apache Flex
  • The Way to JavaFX from F3 to JavaFX 8
  • JavaFX Compared to HTML5 and Web-Based Technologies
  • Java-Based Web Frameworks 
  • Installing and Configuring JavaFX and the Development Environment using intellij IDE or Netbeans 
  • Overview of JavaFX Features and Architecture  
  • Using JavaFX UI Components basic workflow
  • Introduction to UI controls, charts, HTML content, layouts, CSS, FXML, etc. 
  • Label,Button,ColorPicker, CheckBox, RadioButton, ListView, TextField, PasswordField, Scrollbar, FileChooser, ProgressBar, Slider 
  • Basic of Scene Builder and how to use it to create a simple FXML
  • Handling events,Adding Effects, Animation, and Incorporate Media 
Exercise : Creating a Hello world Application button click and Create a media player and stop watch to understand the basic workflow of javafx. UI/UX Design ,Animation And Material design
  • MVC Paterrn  
  • Import Jfoenix - Material Design Library 
  • ?open a new javafx project 
  • ?add CSS styleshee 
  • ?Design splash and login screen with different approaches 
  • ?Design signup screen with different approaches including video,static or animated screen fade out animation,slide in or out animation ?creating a Table management screen with JFXTreeTableView with options of ADD,DELETE,EDIT,CLEAR  
  • ?Making Customized Toast,JFXSnackbar,Line Chart,Customized Alert,Pie chart,Barchart Exercise : Creating a simple demo application which will show how we can use all the different design approaches Modern Interface in Javafx 
  • Material Dialog box with Emoji Expressions like Laugh, Love, Angry
  • Making a Ripple Background 
  • Sliding menu with different options 
  • Stepper Touch on hitting + and - sign 
  • Recycler View 
  • Navigation Drawer with material desing 
  • Floating Action Menu 
  • Arc animator 
  • Layout Dialog 
  • Using javaFx animation like Fade in and out 
Exercise : Creating a simple demo application which will show how we can use all the different design approaches and create a simple webapp.

Diving deep in JavaFx
  • How to print reports using Jasper report 
  • How to setup database connection
  • How to use map in javafx
  • Creating a webapp and diving deep in CSS 
  • How to use Firebase with java
  • How to get data from server
  • How to parse JSON file in java
  • How to download large files and save it in your PC
  • How to use MYSQL Database
Exercise : Connect Java with Firebase web services and build a movie application Using Openjfx Libraries and learning the basics of a Image editor Photopea
  • Basic design using photopea its shortcut and understanding how we can do small edit and design 
  • Using Openjfx 
  • FlexGanttFx : A library for rendering Gantt charts in JavaFx
  • Glucon Maps : Tiles based Geo-location map framework 
  • CalendarFx : A java framework for creating sophisticated calendar views 
  • FormsFX : A framework for easily creating forms for a javaFX application 
  • FXGL : JavaFx Game Engine
Exercise :
1.Make small apps with the libraries of Openjfx
2.Integrating what we have learned and making Uniworks demo app different approaches
  • Knowledge of Java, previous web development experience will be helpful
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