IOT-AWS - Internet of Things (IoT) with AWS


Duration: 3 days
The course aims to bring together today’s most fascinating technology Internet of Things and well-devised, scalable, fully-managed cloud computing platform AWS (Amazon Web Services). Moreover, the course includes advanced embedded systems, communication protocols, networking, and security and analytics topics to provide a 360° understanding of IoT solution development. The course will be taught with a holistic approach with a set of hands-on exercises to provide experiential learning to participants.


  • What the Internet of Things is and how it works 
  • How to deploy IoT devices that are integrated with services such as AWS IoT Core, AWS IoT Device Management, and AWS IoT Analytics Use the AWS IoT APIs and SDKs. 
  • How to collect, process and analyze data from IoT devices in the Cloud 
  • How to use AWS IoT Greengrass to process and analyze data at the edge


  • IoT Concepts
  • Cloud Computing Fundamentals
  • IoT Cloud Architecture
  • IoT Protocol Standard Framework and Stack
  • IoT Application Layer Protocols, API and Libraries: MQTT and HTTP 
  • AWS Account Creation

AWS Stack Overview
  • Elastic compute cloud (EC2)
  • Elastic block storage (EBS)
  • Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)
  • AWS Lambda
  • Simple Notification Service (SNS)
  • Simple Storage Service (S3)
  • Amazon Dynamo DB
  • Amazon machine learning service
  • Amazon ElastiCache for Redis
  • AWS CloudWatch
  • AWS CloudFormation

AWS IoT Stack
  • IoT device SDK
  • Device registry
  • Device management
  • Certificates and policies
  • IoT Gateway (Message Broker)
  • Device shadow
  • Rules engine and Rule actions
  • Amazon Greengrass core
  • IoT Analytics service (Preview)
  • Integration with AWS service stack Use Case
  • Collect process and visualize device data using AWS IoT stack 
  • Preventive maintenance of industrial assets


IT professionals, electrical and electronics engineers, designers, and solution architects.


Basic knowledge of Internet of Things concepts and technologies.


Trainocate Certificate of Attendance


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