IBM-BFE - IBM Backbase Frontend Essential Training Course


Duration: 5 days
Frontend developers will go through a deep dive of the brand-new Widget Architecture 3


  • Single Page Application Development 
  • Widget Architecture Overview
  • Widget Development 
  • What is the Backbase Platform? 
  • Extending Widgets 
  • Internationalization (i18n) 
  • Inter-Widget communication
  • Developing CXS Items 
  • Content Management 
  • Using Backbase Theme
  • UI Component


1. Backbase Platform
Provides participants with an introduction of the Backbase Platform 

2. Backbase Architecture
In this module participants will get detailed information about the Backbase Architecture, among other topics we will cover: microservices, widget architecture and more. 

3. Core CX Concepts
Participants will learn about all the key features within CXS such as: Content Management, i18n, Targeting, and more. 

4. Widget Architecture 3 Overview
In this module, we cover the most important aspects of this new Widget Architecture and everything that happens under the hood, for instance: How the architecture renders a Banking Single Page Application (SPA) dynamically. 
By the end of this module you would be able to provide your business users with all the tools that they will need to create a Backbase Experience from the scratch. 

5. Backbase in the Angular World
This module was designed to explore all the values added to Angular by the Backbase Frontend Architecture: The ability to dynamically create routing strategies, How to make two complex components to interact with each other, Extendibility services that will help you to easily create multiple customizations for your Widgets, How to manage content, and much more. 

6. Backbase Design System
The Backbase Design System is a collection of guidelines and principles bringing together the relationship between design and development, with the purpose of enabling teams to create a coherent product. 
Backbase Design System also provides a plethora of tools geared towards streamlining the collaboration between designers and developers: Design System, Design Kit, Theming, and UI Components. In addition, the Design System also provides a number of principles that rationalize the organizational approach taken to complete each product's development journey, such as way of working, guiding principles, design/development standards, etc. 

7. Developing CXS Items
In the last module, the focus is on learning how to work with CXS items. This includes developing a navigation widget, template for the Content Widget, Structured Content, a container and client-side collector for the Targeting feature. 

8. Backbase SDKs
A brief overview of Backbase SDKs on what it offers to developers.


Frontend developers


ES6, HTML5, CSS3, Angular, Sass, NPM, Node.js, RxJS, TypeScript


Trainocate Certificate of Attendance


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