H5UWCA - H5 Using WeChat App


Duration: 2 days
To master Hybrid app development


  • To master the tools and technique to make hybrid application 


Module 1 – Module One | Overview
  • Native mobile applications / APP
  • Web-based applications powered within WeChat in-app browser (H5) 
  • WeChat Mini Program

Module 2 – API Functionalities
  • Single sign-on login
  • Managing userss
  • Managing accounts
  • Retrieving lists of chats and calls
  • Scan a QR code and retrieve the result of the scan
  • Record a video
  • Uniquely identify your visitor
  • Upload images
  • Share content to a chat or a group chat
  • Share content to WeChat moments

Module 3 – JS SDK like Functionalities
  • QRcode / Barcode Scanner
  • Wechat pay
  • Wechat login
  • Get Location
  • Accelerometer
  • Templated messages
  • Service centre messages
  • Interact with Wechat Card system
  • Interact with ibeacons
  • Services Messages
  • Finger Print authentication(Tencent Soter)
  • Fapiao info. (title, tax number…)
  • WeRun
Exercise : A H5 based application which uses the wechat api.


App and web developers


  • Set-up a WeChat Official Account
  • Some experience with web or mobile development


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