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GSM-NETWORK-FUN - GSM Network Fundamentals (Global System for Mobile Communication) Training Course


Duration: 3 days
Course covers the concepts on radio wave propagation and gradually connects the participants with the propagation models used in wireless communication for calculation of path loss. With the clarity on the basic, course contents swiftly turn towards mobile network architecture. The main network elements with their functionality and interfaces are included in the study module. The course also covers a brief overview about the different generations of mobile network communication. Participant will also gain knowledge on radio channels used in GSM.




Day 1:

  • Evolution of Cellular Systems
  • Frequency and Spectrum
  • Building Blocks of Mobile Networks
  • Network Connectivity
  • GSM Technology – Radio Channel Concepts

Day 2:
  • GSM network architecture and interfaces 
  • GSM protocols and identifiers
  • BTS and BSC functions 
  • GSM call flows 
  • SS7 architecture 
  • TRAU functions 
  • GSM frame hierarchy

Day 3:

  • GSM Air Interface Basics and Signal RF Characteristics
  • How it all works: decoding GSM signals
  • Capacity Implications of the Air Interface
  • CM, MM, RR (Layer 3 messages)
  • LAPDm (Layer 2)
  • Radio channel (Layer 1)
  • Logical and Physical Channels
  • Handover
  • Questions and Answer
  • Closing Remarks


Training course is designed to provide a general overview for strategic or technical managers, consultants, communications professionals, software engineers, system engineers, network professionals.




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