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CBCI - CBCI (Certificate of the Business Continuity Institute) Training Course


Duration: 3 days
The course is an enhanced version of the Business Continuity Institute's (BCI's) Certification Training Course, which teaches you the methods, techniques and approaches used by business continuity professionals worldwide to develop, implement and maintain an effective Business Continuity Management (BCM) program, and prepares you to take the BCI's CBCI examination. This enhanced version provides delegates with the opportunity to put the theory into practice through the use of case studies, and to practice answering the type of questions used in the CBCI examination.


  • Gain a solid knowledge and understanding of the BCI’s Good Practice Guidelines 
  • Gain the expertise required to practice business continuity  
  • Be thoroughly prepared to take the CBCI examination  
  • Gain practical insight into good business continuity practice
  • Benefit from the knowledge of and lessons learned by experienced business continuity practitioners


The program follows step by step each phase of the business continuity management lifecycle:

Day 1
  • Introduction of the entire Business Continuity lifecycle
  • Policy and Programme Management: what are the features and objectives of a policy and program of business continuity. How to establish roles and communicate principles within the organization. 
  • Embedding Business Continuity: how to make sure continuity is part of your organizational culture.

Day 2
  • Analysis: details on what are the analyses to perform to project and implement a business continuity management system.
  • Design: how to develop Business Continuity solutions and threat mitigation measures.

Day 3
  • mplementation: how to create an incident response structure, develop and manage the different BC plans.
  • Validation: which are the different types of exercise and how to develop an exercise program, maintenance and revision.
  • Review of the entire Business Continuity lifecycle


The session is targeted to all the professionals who already are into Business Continuity, Information Technology, Disaster Recovery, Corporate Security or Business Organization, and who wish to integrate practical experience with a methodological and specific training. But also, to the newcomers of the discipline, who are interested in pursuing a career in this fast-paced growing market.




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