Building RIA using React.js, Redux & Node.js (with AdvJS, ES6 and Webpack) Training Course

Building RIA using React.js, Redux & Node.js (with AdvJS, ES6 and Webpack) Training Course



This workshop is aimed at imparting the required knowledge required to build Rich Internet Applications (RIA) using React.js.


At the end of this training course, the participants will:

  • Understand what React.js is and what problem it solves 
  • Explore the basic architecture of a React.js application 
  • Gain a deep knowledge of React.js components and JSX 
  • Build a working application that uses React.js’s components 
  • Learn React.js best practices 
  • Compose an application using Flux architecture 
  • Know how to maintain application state in a Redux Store 
  • Know how to do module bundling using webpack 
  • Use React dev tools 
  • Building Server APIs using Node.js 
  • Using WebSockets to build realtime applications
  • Expressive JavaScript
        o The Flexibility of JavaScript
        o JavaScript as a Loosely Typed Language
        o Functions as First-Class Objects
        o Object Mutability
  • Functions In Depth oFunction Objects
        o Function Literal
        o Function Invocation Patterns
        o Augmenting Types
        o Recursion & Closures
        o Functions as Callbacks
        o Function Currying & Memorization
  • Closures In Depth 
        o How Closures Work
        o Private Variables, Callbacks and Timers
        o Binding Function Contexts
        o Overriding Function Behavior
  • Object Orientation With Prototypes
        o Object Instantiation
        o Constructors
        o Inheritance and Prototype Chain
        o Extending Object
        o Extending Number oInstantiation Issues
        o Writing class-like code  

  • New in ES6 
        o Classes olet and const
        o Arrow functions
        o Enhanced Object Literals
        o Destructuring oSpread Operator
        o Generators and Iterators
        o Symbols
        o Comprehensions
        o Async Programming using Promises

  • Using Babel.js 

RIA/SPA Basics 

        o Classic Web applications vs Rich Internet applications
        o Challenges in building Client centric applications
        o Benefits of RIA Frameworks
        o Where React.js fits in?

Building UI using React.js

  • Introduction 
        o Need for React.js
        o Advantages of Virtual DOM
  • View Components using JSX 
        o JSX Syntax
        o Using JSX to create view classes
        o Creating views without using JSX
        o JSX Precompilation
        o Using JSX in the server
  • Models 
        o Advantages of Immutability 
  • Components 
        o Component Life-Cycle 
        o Virtual DOM
        o Component Events
        o Using States and Properties
        o Initializing States from properties
        o Accessing DOM nodes using refs
        o Synthetic Events
        o Component Compositions
        o Communication Between Components
        o Reusable Components
  • Forms 
        o Controlled Components
        o Uncontrolled Components
  • React.js Best Practices 

Flux Architecture and Redux
  • Introduction
        o Overview of Reactive programming
        o Benefits of Uni directional data flow
  • Architecture 
        o Building blocks in Flux
        o Dispatcher
        o Stores
        o Action
        o Views
  • Dispatcher
        o The role of dispatcher   
        o Registering callbacks
        o Triggering Actions
  • Store
        o The role of Store
        o Maintain Application State
        o Event Broadcasting
  • Reducer 
        o Creating Reducers 
        o Retrieving State
        o Combining Reducers
  • Action Creator 
        o Creating Actions
        o Dispatching actions to the dispatcher
        o Dispatching Async Actions
        o Using Middlewares
  • Views 
        o React Components as Views
        o State Subscribers
        o Updating data from the store
  • React-Redux Bindings 
        o Binding Components to React Store using "Connect"
        o Injecting Redux Store using Provider
        o Using Providers with React Routers 


        o Module Bundling Overiew
        o Installation
        o Creating Webpack configuration
        o Setting up webpack-dev-server
        o Configure automatic browser refresh
        o Loading Modules

APIs using Node.js
  • Introduction to Node.js
        o Installing Node.js
        o Node’s Event Loop
        o Writing asynchronous code
  • Modularizing code
        o Understanding built-in modules
        o Techniques for modularizing JavaScirpt code
        o Using require() to modularize application code
        o Using npm for third-party modules
  • Events and Streams
        o Understanding Events
        o EventEmitter class
        o Understanding Streams
        o Reading and writing streams
        o Using pipe()
  • Manipulating File System using ‘fs’
        o Creating files and directories
        o Copying, moving and renaming files
        o Watching for file operations
  • Node.js and the web 
        o Handling web requests
        o Building a web server
  • Building web applications using Express.js 
        o Installing Express.js
        o Routing
        o Parameters and queries in routing
        o Creating REST endpoints
        o Serving JSON data
        o Serving files
        o Working with cookies and sessions
        o Authentication and authorization
        o Error Handling
  • Realtime Applications
        o Using Server Sent Events
        o Using WebSockets
Must Have
  • Web development experience with intermediate level of expertise in JavaScript. 
Good To Have
  • Exposure to any server technology (J2EE, .NET, Ruby etc)
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