Building RIA using React.js, Flux and Redux Training Course

Building RIA using React.js, Flux and Redux Training Course


Course Duration: 3 Days

This workshop is aimed at imparting the required knowledge required to build Rich Internet Applications (RIA) using React.js.


At the end of this training course, the participants will:
  • Understand what React.js is and what problem it solves 
  • Explore the basic architecture of a React.js application 
  • Gain a deep knowledge of React.js components and JSX 
  • Build a working application that uses React.js’s components 
  • Learn React.js best practices 
  • Compose an application using Flux architecture 
  • Know how to maintain application state in a Redux Store 
  • Know how to do module bundling using webpack 
  • Use React dev tools
RIA/SPA Basics
  • Classic Web applications vs Rich Internet applications 
  • Challenges in building Client centric applications 
  • Benefits of RIA Frameworks
  • Where React.js fits in? 
Building UI using React.js
  • Introduction
        o Need for React.js
        o Advantages of Virtual DOM
  • View Components using JSX 
        o JSX Syntax
        o Using JSX to create view classes
        o Creating views without using JSX
  • Models
        o Advantages of Immutability
  • Components oComponent Life-Cycle
        o Virtual DOM
        o Component Events
        o Using States and Properties
        o Initializing States from properties
        o Accessing DOM nodes using refs
        o Synthetic Events
        o Component Compositions
        o Communication Between Components
        o Reusable Components
  • Forms
        o Controlled Components
        o Uncontrolled Components
  • Unit Testing React.js Components
  • React.js Best Practices 
Flux Architecture and Redux
  • Introduction
        o Overview of Reactive programming
        o Benefits of Unidirectional data flow
  • Architecture
        o Building blocks in Flux
        o Dispatcher
        o Stores
        o Action
        o Views
  • Dispatcher 
        o The role of dispatcher
        o Registering callbacks
        o Triggering Actions
  • Store 
        o The role of Store 
        o Maintain Application State
        o Event Broadcasting
  • Reducer 
        o Creating Reducers
        o Retrieving State
        o Combining Reducers
  • Action Creator
        o Creating Actions
        o Dispatching actions to the dispatcher
        o Using Middlewares
        o Dispatching Async Actions using Thunk middleware
  • Views
        o React Components as Views
        o State Subscribers
        o Updating data from the store
  • React-Redux Bindings
        o Binding Components to React Store using "Connect"
        o Injecting Redux Store using Provider
        o Using Providers with React Routers
  • Testing 
        o Overview of Mocha & expect (chai.js)
        o Organizing Unit tests using Mocha obefore & after setup
        o Performing assertions using expect
        o Using Karma.js
        o Using Jest for mocking dependencies
        o Testing React components
        o Testing Stores
Must Have
  • Web development experience with advanced level of expertise in JavaScript. 
  • Must be familiar with ES6 
Good To Have
  • Exposure to any server technology (J2EE, .NET, Ruby etc)
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