Blockchain for Non-Technical Training Course

Blockchain for Non-Technical Training Course


Course Duration: The minimum duration for the training is 2 Days to 5 Days and is customizable depending upon your requirement, number of topics, coverage and depth. Please let us know If you need to add more topics then we will send you revised course outline.

The training module “Blockchain for Non-Technical” has been designed to provide an introduction of Blockchain and associated technologies. This training is aimed at the people who does not belong to the engineering background or have no knowledge about the blockchain. After this training you will be able to understand about the concepts of blockchain and associated technologies, its use cases, bitcoin and how blockchain is used.


  • Introduction: What is blockchain? 
  • History of Blockchain 
  • Databases and Blockchain 
  • Smart Contracts 
  • Ledgers 
  • Cryptographic Fundamentals 
  • Tokens and Cryptocurrency 
  • Bitcoin 
  • Public Blockchains 
  • Private Blockchains 
  • Exchanges 
  • Finding Consensus 
  • Blockchain Use Cases [Industry Specific*] 
  • Blockchain Discourse 
  • Economics of Blockchain
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