Apigee Training Course


Duration: 5 days

This course will introduce you to the capabilities of Apigee edge in a way to implement and secure your APIs. You will learn to design, build and deploy your APIs using Google's Apigee platform using hands-on labs. This course is specially designed for API Designers, API consumers, and all developers




Part-1: API Design and Fundamentals of Apigee

  • Introduction and fundamentals of Apigee
        a. Introduction to the fundamentals
        b. Product overview
        c. Technology stack

  • Basics of API
        a. API Lifecycle
        b. Fundamental Concepts and Keywords

  • Apigee UI Overview
        a. Navigating the Apigee Edge UI 
        b. API Development 
        c. Package, Publish and Manage 
        d. Analyze APIs 

  • API design concepts
        a. Introduction to Design
        b. Building Blocks of REST
        c. Best Practices
        d. Product Design
        e. API Versioning
        f. API Proxy
        g. Response Codes and Pagination
        h. Intro to the OpenAPI Spec

  • Lab Setup

Part-2: API Development on Apigee

  • Getting started with API Development
        a. Introduction to API Development
        b. Proxy?
        c. Anatomy of a Proxy
        d. Debugging using Trace
        e. Conditions and Route Rules

  • API Policies and Management
        a. Policy Overview 
        b. Traffic Management 
        c. Mediation 
        d. API Security 

  • Target Servers and Products
        a. Secure Target Server
        b. Setting up Named Target Server
        c. Product Design

  • Error handling and logging
        a. Logging
        b. Fault Rules and Error Responses
  • Shared flows, hooks, extensions
        a. Shared Flows and Hooks 
        b. Extensions 

  • Mediation, caching and Node.js Integration
        a. Service Callout and Mash Ups
        b. Caching
        c. Nodejs Integration
        d. Packing and Deployment

Part-3: API Security on Apigee 

  • API Security
        a. Introduction to Secure
        b. Verify API Key
        c. Protection Against Content Based Attack

  • OAuth and Network Security
        a. OAuth Introduction
        b. Client Credentials
        c. Password Grant Type
        d. Authorization Code Grant Type
        e. Implicit Grant Type
        f. TLS
        g. SAML


  • Developers with basic knowledge of web services




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