Agile Scrum Training Course


Course Duration: 2 Days

The objective of this training is to prepare the candidate for the Scrum Master Certification exam, methodologies to manage software development.


Module 1: From idea to product
Module 2: Product Owner role and responsibilities
Module 3: Introduction to Agile/Scrum: Agile Manifesto, Three Pillars of Scrum
Module 4: Why Agile: pros and cons
Module 5: Reduced time to value
Module 6: What makes Scrum adoptions successful: ADAPT mode
Module 7: Different development methodologies
Module 8: Scrum events and artifacts
Module 9: Scrum Master role and responsibilities
Module 10: Scrum Team roles and responsibilities
Module 11: Scrum Project Estimating, Planning and monitoring
Module 12: Scrum Tools
Module 13: Mock exams

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