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Soft Skills are no Soft Matters !

In rapidly changing World where Change is the only Constant, having a team of people who are happy and driven is the expectation of every business. Trainocate offers range of Soft Skills training program that can be tailored to pin the desired objectives of our clients. Soft Skill offerings comprises of official AMA (American Management Association) programs as well as from the experienced panel of instructors specializing in various Business functions.

Trainocate (subsidiaries Quintegral Ltd) are members of the American Management Association (AMA) in the Asia Pacific region. Founded since 1923, AMA is a world leader in professional development, advancing the skills of individuals, teams, organizations and government agencies. With branches/Partners in 14 countries/regions, AMA serves a wide variety of clients, including 488 enterprises in the Fortune Global 500.

AMA: Finance and Accounting for Non-Financial Managers
Introduction To Accounting. Explore Format Of Financial Statements. Learn Accounting For Company.
AMA: Building Better Work Relationships: New Techniques For Results-Oriented Communication
How To Improve Communication Skills. What Is Emotional Intelligence. Learn Effective Communication Skills In The Workplace.
AMA: Communicating Up, Down and Across the Organization
Learn Speaking Skills For Effective Communication Skills In Business. Learn to frame your message so that people feel connected to you in a ...
AMA: Advanced Tools and Techniques for Data Analysis
Analyze Data and Learn Business Intelligence Tools - Explore Excel Data Analysis - Explore Data Analytics for Cleansing Of Data with BI Tool ...
AMA's 5-day "MBA" Workshop
How You Do Business Is Changing Fast. Learn What's Leadership. Learn Finance Managing. Learn Management Skills. Be MBA.
AMA: Communicating Across Generations: Bridging the Gap
Bridge the Gap across Generations - Engage Effective Communication at Workplace. Create a better Workplace Culture.
AMA: Design Thinking: A Customer-Centric Process for Rapid Innovation
Improve An Organizational Structure. Manage Innovation. Create Ideas For Product Innovation. Learn Design Thinking.
AMA: Creative Thinking in Business
Explore New Idea for Business - Learn Creative Thinking and Idea Generation. Develop Thinking as a Skill. Be a Design Thinker.
AMA: Doing It All: How To Stay Focused And Engaged
Staying Focused helps to Get Things Done. Have a Productive Day. Develop Skills To Increase Productivity.