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Ultimate Training Guide for Nutanix Certifications

We understand working in Nutanix dataarchitecture itself has intricacies involved in the profession, growing in thisprofession is equally complicated hence we are here to uncomplicate and build apathway for you with this overarching guide to assist you in your careerbetterment.


1.      Why Nutanix Certification?


In the great words ofFrederic Nietzsche, “He who has a why to live can bear almost any how” So let usunderstand the “why” behind your pursuit of Nutanix Certification.


Considering the real-timesituation, the average applicant to hire ratio is 1:94 as per stats given by Talroo, which basically means thatthe recruiter has to go through 94 resumes to shortlist one resume for aninterview. Considering this, the odds are against you in the screening process.


Hence having a certificationwould increase your odds of getting shortlisted exponentially by validatingyour skillset, understanding and your ability to deploy and manage Nutanixtechnology. And, it would portray your drive and passion to learn newtechnologies which always adds positive points to your personality.

Thus, any interviewer who isgoing through the list of resumes would automatically shortlist the resumeswith certifications.


Nutanix Certification rangesacross the spectrum in accordance with your experience level in technology.These certifications begin with the basic concepts of Nutanix Implementation andelevate to more complex administrative tasks and later to build, design anddeliver highly complex enterprise solutions.


2.      Who should do Nutanix Certification? (Intended Audience)

Nutanix certifications areideal for anyone looking at a career in data management & architecture assystem administrator, data architects or different variants of the role whereinyou are required to deploy, administer and manage Nutanix Hyperconvergedinfrastructure into the main database to keep the structure of the data sturdyand keep the maintenance cost low and scalable at the same time.


Having these certificationson your hand would validate your hands-on experience with Nutanix hyper-convergedinfrastructure thus making it easier for you to grow in your career.



3.      Nutanix Certification Program Overview:


Nutanix training & certificationsare available in three tiers which varies across different levels ofexperience. These certifications have associated training which helps insuccessfully completing the certification exams, after successful completion ofthe exams the candidates will be awarded specific associated certificated withthe training course.







Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Administration 5.5

Nutanix Certified Professional (NCP)


Advanced Administration & Performance Management 5.5

Nutanix Certified Advanced Professional (NCAP)


Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Solution Design Boot Camp (NECSD)

Nutanix Platform Expert (NPX)


Nutanix Certified Professional 5.10:

a.     Overview:

This is the firstcertificate available in the Nutanix certification path. The Nutanix CertifiedProfessional (NCP) certification validates your skills in knowledge, skills,and ability necessary to deploy, administer and troubleshoot a Nutanix AOSenvironment. The ideal candidate would be someone who has approximately 3-6months of experience working in AOS implementation.

b.     Associated Training:

This certification isassociated with the course Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Administration 5.5, while this course isrecommended for pursuing NCP Certification, it is not a mandatory requirement,but going through this course would enables administrators (System, Network,and Storage) to successfully configure and manage Nutanix in the data center The course covers many of the tasksNutanix administrators perform through the use of graphical user interfaces(GUIs) and command-line interfaces (CLIs).  It also provides insight intothe fail-over and self-healing capabilities offer tips for solving commonproblems and provides guidelines for collecting information when interactingwith Nutanix support.

c.      Prices for Courses: ExamCost $199

d.     Prerequisite: This certification does nothave any prerequisite requirement for the candidate to have.

e.     Certification Path: The certification can beattained without going through the associated course “Nutanix Enterprise CloudAdministration 5.5” provided you feel your confident enough on your skillsetand knowledge but its highly recommended that you complete the course beforetaking up the exam as the probability of you successfully clearing the examwould be exponentially high. For more information on the course content, youcan refer to the link below.

Course Content


Nutanix Certified Advanced Professional (NCAP):

a.     Overview: The Nutanix CertifiedAdvanced Professional (NCAP) certification validates your ability to performadvanced administrative tasks and optimize both virtualized workloads andinfrastructure components in AOS 5.5. Ideal candidate to pursue thiscertification would be IT Administrators, Architects and Business Leaders whoalready manage Nutanix Clusters in the data center, but who would like more in-depthknowledge of the Nutanix data center administration.

b.     Associated Training:

This certification isassociated with the training course Advanced Administration & Performance Management5.5, whilethis course is recommended for pursuing NCAP certification it is not amandatory requirement, but going through the training would enable you tomanage major acropolis services such volumes and files The course also explainshow to define and manage assets and applications using calm, including how toconnect to clouds, automation of the life cycle management (LCM) application,how to implement and configure self-service portal and governance.

c.      Training & CertificationPrice: Exam Cost $199

d.     Prerequisite: For any candidate to pursuethis certification, he or she must have cleared the previous certification ofNutanix Certified Professional (NCP) Certification.

e.     Certification Path: The certification can beattained without going through the associated course (Advanced Administration& Performance Management 5.5), provided you feel you're confident enough onyour skillset and knowledge but it's highly recommended that you complete thecourse before taking up the exam.

Course Content:


Nutanix Platform Expert (NPX):

a.     Overview: The Nutanix Platform Expert(NPX) is the highest level of certification awarded by Nutanix. It validatesthat the recipients of this certification have demonstrated the ability todesign and deliver enterprise-class solutions on the Nutanix Platform, usingmultiple hypervisors and vendor software stacks. Ideal candidates pursuing thiscertification would be experienced and expert technologists, pre-salesengineers, Post- sales consultants and solution architects with portfolios ofwork who support the adoption of hyper-converged infrastructure in theenterprise.

b.     Associated Training:

The associated training withthe certification is Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Solution Design Boot Camp, whilethis course is recommended for pursuing NPX certification it is not mandatoryrequirement, going through the training course would provide the candidate witha deep technical deep dive into Nutanix based solutions and the Nutanix solutiondesign methodology, which based In Nutanix Platform Expert (NPX).

c.      Training & CertificationPrice: NPX is free.

d.     Prerequisite: For any candidate pursuingthis certification, he or she must have cleared the previous certificationNutanix Certified Professional 5.5.

e.     Certification Path: The certification can beattained without going through the associated training Nutanix Enterprise CloudSolution Design Boot Camp but it is highly recommended that they complete thetraining as the knowledge shared in this training course would be crucial inthe successfully completing the certification and also in your ability toexecute further complex actions in the Nutanix ecosystem and also the candidatemust have successfully cleared the Nutanix Certified Professional 5.5.


4.      FAQ’s

a.      How do I take the NutanixCertification Exam?

A: You can register here. And one of our training consultants would get intouch with under 24 hours and assist you in the process.

b.      Do I have to attend theclasses in person?

A: We provide instructor-ledtraining in classrooms and Online Training. If you don’t want the hassle ofcommuting and just want to assimilate the content at the comfort of your place,then you can opt for Online Training.

c.       Can I retake the exam if Ifail?

A: In case the candidatefails the exam, he or she would be allowed two additional attempts. But therewill be a 7 day breathing period between these attempts. After three failedattempts the candidate will be unable to take the exam for 60 days.

d.      What is the duration of theexam?

A: The duration of the examfor NCP will be 120 Mins and NCAP will be 150 mins.

e.      How many questions does theexam consist of?

A: The NCP Exam consists of75 Multiple Choice or Multiple response questions and the NCAP exam consists of90 multiple choice and multiple response questions.

f.       Where do I contact for more information?

A: If you need additional information with regards to theNutanix Certifications you can either write to us at or ring us at+91-812345-3838.

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