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Re-engineering SMALL & MEDIUM size Organizations ! Transforming Work Mind-Set.

A place where MOST of the time is spent for MOST of them.

Work provides income that pays for all we have and we need. It is also an unspoken identity card of who we are as an individual. At any Social event, we often get a classic question: what do you do for living?

Since WORK forms a vital role, so is our WORK place and culture at WORK. Isn’t it important that WORK place should be fun and inviting? Start-Ups understand these concepts well and most of them start right. While its easy to start right, for existing organizations, transforming workplace is a challenge. Is it just limited to a cool office set-up OR is it a change in Culture? What does Work-Place Transformation really mean?

In this article, we are exploring possibilities of how small OR medium size organizations can embark on this modern day WORK place transformation. Chasing bottom line, ensuring operations of various segment is seamless, enabling great consumer experience, supervising and motivating small work force, finding new talents, packs a day at Work for Small and Medium size organizations. Thinking of a Work place Transformation in a middle of this juggle, is a tough one. Deconstructing and Reconstructing is the last thing on mind.

If it is about renovating an office set-up, every Small and Medium size organization would have done it by now. Clearly, there is more to it. This BIG Project is never ending. It is “BIG” because it requires change in CULTURE in which an organization operates. One of the fastest ways to embark on such transformation is to press the START button. A Start may not be perfect. However, START will shape a direction of continuous improvement.
Where do one START? Let’s explore few areas together.

It has to be the mind over matter, first. Isn’t it? Imagine having all the managers and leaders of an organization subscribing to the idea of WORK place Transformation project. Transformation where improvement of employees, customers, service, operations of business is discuss in sustainable manner. It is vital to have a mind-set of transformation in an organization spearheaded by leaders of an organization. Leaders will be great agents of educating change to their team members. It is great to have Operational Managers as Strategic Thinkers. Talking about this transformation in every meeting will help to construct a workable plan based on the current situation.

Modern Day lifestyle comprising of juggles between Work, Home, School, Grocery Stores and all the transportation involve in between. This does affect the motivation levels of an employee. Small and Medium size Organization can leverage on technology and adoption of CLOUD may answer few puzzles. Adopting CLOUD technology may not immediately result in savings on operational costs, change in culture may be more visible. Employees may not have to come to office every day OR have to clock in rigid hours in the office. They gain access to work matters from anywhere and in fact be more productive by addressing work from their current location. The reduced need of travel may increase “happiness” factor for an organization. Having said that, adoption of CLOUD technology must fulfill required objectives of business.

Security becomes important aspects with adoption of Cloud Technology. Small and Medium businesses cannot afford any slack while they are constantly propelling ahead for progress. Being small size may work as an advantage where things are manageable. It is important that well designed plan for Information Security is in place and constantly being checked and tested to avoid any hindrance to business.

As Culture is taking a change, the horizon of Governance will change as well. Old methods of governance may require new make-up. It is important that small organization adopt their techniques of Governance to ensure that right controls are in place to achieve excellence in their business operations. As an illustration, framework like ITIL can be adopted for Service Management, Agile can be adopted for Project Management, DevOps can act as an agent of change between Development and Operations team.

There is no dream start. Important is to get started. To facilitate a start, empowering work force with education can be a consideration. If you have started the journey to WORK PLACE transformation, that is awesome. It will be great to hear about your journey of transformation. 

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By Henik Mehta | 15 Oct 2019 | 0 Comments