What is Cyber Range?

Cyber Range is a virtual environment which is used for cyber warfare training and Cyber technology development. It comes with the tools which strengthen the stability, security and performance of cyber infrastructures and IT systems used by government and military agencies. Because cyber ranges are controlled virtual environments, operational conditions and weapon/defense performance results may be replicated to reduce failures and errors. Virtual cyber ranges offer many advantages that can help your organization prepare itself to deal with potential threats.

Cyber ranges exist in military and government agencies, industries and private installations. Currently, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is developing the National Cyber Range (NCR).

Goals of DARPA’s NCR include:

Replicate large scale, complex and diverse networks and users for future and current Department of Defense (DoD) weapon systems and operations

Enable a realistic testing facility for Internet and Global Information Grid (GIG) research

Enable the development and deployment of state-of-the-art cyber testing capabilities

Facilitate the scientific use of cyber testing methods

Provide a virtual environment for the quantitative, qualitative and realistic assessment of potentially ground-breaking cybertechnologies for research and development

The Value of Cyber Range Training

We needed to offer the next generation of IR preparation and give our clients access to cyber ranges, where they could practice defending against simulated threats in immersive, real-world training scenarios.

Reasons for the security teams to consider the Cyber Range training:

1. Practice Makes Perfect

Cyber attacks change quickly, so training must test your organization’s ability to adapt its actions and be responsive enough to keep up with new attack methodologies. Cyber ranges enable security teams to practice identifying and responding to threats in a real-world environment using a variety of technologies and run books. When security teams actively train in environments that effectively simulate a real-world breach, they are more likely to retain the information learned and respond more quickly when an actual breach occurs.

2. Gain Hands-On Experience

Cyber ranges offer an environment for teams to train collectively, improve their cyber defense skills and gain critical insight into a variety of stakeholder actions within the organization. This tends to improve communication and teamwork across the enterprise because it gives teams a better understanding of what other departments are responsible for. This is critical to building a successful IR team, and it’s difficult to obtain that experience through conventional training simulations.

3. Advance Organizational Security

Training in an authentic but controlled environment can help security teams deal with crisis situations in a rapid manner. Simply put, the more security-savvy your teams are, the better prepared they will be to implement and execute the most efficient security strategy for today and tomorrow.

Virtual Cyber range advantages include:

Experiencing real-world threats in a safe environment. Cyber ranges allow your employees and customers to experience real-world threats in a virtual environment. These experiments are controlled, you can determine the parameters an individual will experience, and you can repeat the experiment however many times you wish.

Learn how to recognize and handle threats. By actively training against modern threats, your employees and customers will learn how to identify potential threats, and they will know how to deal with them.

Validate your proof of concepts (POCs). Software developers can use cyber range applications to validate POCs. The infinite testing possibilities make cyber ranges the perfect choice for verifying new ideas, testing market viability, and more.

Save your business time and money. Cyber security labs are a cost-effective approach to cyber security. They are easy to deploy, require less capital expenditure, and only need to be set up once.

Virtual environments are always up to date. New updates, patches, and exploits are always popping up. A virtual cyber range is always up to date and ready to help your organization test against whatever threats they want.

Keep your employees and customers trained. Your cyber range training environments are accessible from anywhere. This accessibility makes them a great option for keeping your employees and customers trained, certified, and prepared to deal with cyber security threats.

Scale up as you grow. On-premise labs are costly to upgrade and maintain. With a virtual environment, you only pay for the resources you need. You can upgrade your existing virtual environments whenever you want, scale them up as you grow, and future proof your company.

There are a variety of reasons why a company may look to implement their own cyber range. Cloud-based solutions tend to be more popular because of the flexibility they provide. On-premise cyber security labs are viable but are a more costly option.

By haripriya.krishnakum Krishnakumar | 27 Nov 2019 | 0 Comments