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Innovation is what creates tomorrow. Microsoft believes in innovation that changes the world. Microsoft accelerates and brings lot of innovation with powerful tools and services that bring AI to every developer across the globe.

AI, machine learning, and cognitive services are helping researchers find and protect threatened snow leopard populations.AI saves exclusive snow leopards that are not seen by humans. The AI captures hundreds of thousands of photos of snow leopards in the wild. These photos are well camouflaged and spotting leopards is a very tedious task, however with the help of AI it is done in minutes. Azure Machine Learning, MML Spark, and Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit are used to automate image classification.


Learn how Microsoft AI brings people and organizations together.

Designing AI to be trustworthy requires creating solutions that reflect ethical principles that are deeply rooted in important and timeless values.

•Fairness - AI systems should treat all people fairly

•Inclusiveness - AI systems should empower everyone and engage people

•Reliability & Safety - AI systems should perform reliably and safely

•Transparency - AI systems should be understandable

•Privacy & Security - AI systems should be secure and respect privacy

•Accountability - AI systems should have algorithmic accountability


AI for Good - Applied AI uses technology to empower solutions to humanitarian issues and create a more sustainable and accessible world.

•AI for Earth - AI for Earth puts AI technology and cloud software in the hands of those working to solve global climate issues.

•Ag-Analytics - Ag-Analytics uses Microsoft Azure to store data on farmland and is making the data available to farmers via user-friendly APIs to help them lower costs, improve yields, and minimize the environmental cost of agriculture.

•AI for Earth grants - AI for Earth awards grants to support projects that change the way people and organizations monitor, model, andultimately manage natural systems.

•AI for Humanitarian Action - AI for Humanitarian Action partners with nonprofit and humanitarian organizations working to supportdisaster recovery, address the needs of children, protect displaced people, and promote human rights.

•AI for Cultural Heritage - AI empowers people and organizations dedicated to the preservation and enrichment of cultural heritage.

·      AI for Business - Microsoft AI drives digital transformation  across industries.

•Create a winning AI strategy - Explore this interactive data-rich assessment tool to learn how AI is providing a competitive edge to businesses like yours.

•Assess your AI readiness - Review your current company strategy, capabilities, and culture to learn if AI is the right move for you.

•AI is reinventing business - At Microsoft, we’re partnering with Forbes, Accenture and Avanade to discover the latest in AI. From key insights to numbers—here’s what it takes to be an AI leader.

•Engage your customers with conversational AI - Deliver rich support solutions across multiple channels using conversational AI, deeply relevant experiences that adapt to customer actions and preferences.

•Transform your business processes with intelligent technology - Infuse innovative AI capabilities into your applications or websites today with available solution templates relevant to your business and industry.

•Modernize your applications with AI - Provide intuitive customer experiences with the broadest set of ready-to-consume, customization AI services at the click of a button.


From innovation to maximizing productivity AI can elevate every facet of your business.

•Microsoft AI platform - Innovate and accelerate with powerful tools and services that bring AI to every developer.

•Microsoft AI partners - Our qualified AI partners can help you revolutionize the way you do business.

•Total Economic Impact™ Microsoft 365 - Examine the potential savings, efficiencies and improved engagement, collaboration and culture benefits organizations can realize with Microsoft 365 AI.

•Redefining business with Microsoft AI - At Microsoft, we aim to help companies transform by bringing AI to every application, every business process, and every employee.




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