Create Magic Moments to Transform Your Work spaces with Cisco

The Webex Unified Experience delivers voice, video, calling,meetings, and team collaboration in a single, unified product. The WebexUnified Experience completes Cisco’s transformation of the Webex platform. It’ssimple, intuitive, and have a common look and feel—an industry first. It’s alsocloud-ready, and it can integrate with other productivity and workflow apps.

Evolving work environment

Customers think there are two themes, first is excellentemployee experience and second is having efficient operations. Organizationsuse several tools for collaboration, Cisco Webex Meetings for their videoconference meetings, Slack for messaging, Outlook for calendaring, and Box as adocument management system. However, when used together it does not allowsmooth workflow, but individually might be at their best. Support andManagement of these tools efficiently is tedious from security and complianceperspective. It is not user friendly for the employees since they must shufflebetween several different tools. People are working across time zones andworking on the go, when this is the case the ease of work should be seamless.Cisco is working on this all together.

What if Collaboration Can Be Easy, Seamless, and Integrated?

The Cisco Unified Experience brings a simple, unified andseamless collaboration experience to wherever you are. It offers easyintegration with: Microsoft O365, G-Suite, Salesforce, JIRA, ServiceNow or anyone of thousands of other applications. It’s a collaboration solution thatconnects you to your team and to your work. Cisco enables the unifiedcollaboration experience. In Webex teams, new buttons and cards are availableto deliver customization and easy integration.

Magic That Works for Everyone

Unified Collaboration experience is a dream for everyone andthat is Magic for all. Cisco works with the organizations to create the rightexperience. Some organizations go straight to the Webex Teams App in the cloudto bring all the collaboration offerings together. For other organizations itmight be existing jabber tool which is on premise and expanding it into thisnewly integrated environment with add-ons such as meetings, calling and more.Cisco unified experience can work in the cloud or on premise.

Teamwork Without Boundaries and Built for You

The Cisco Unified Experience is making smart collaborationpossible—giving our customers one place for their work and flexibility withintheir environment. For the business and IT, this is a shared win that goesbeyond the employee experience and operational excellence. Business value isdelivered when it comes to reduced cost of change management, and onemanagement experience with modern insights. Cisco Unified experience creates amagic for any organization irrespective of the stage at which they are at ontheir digital transformation journey.

By haripriya.krishnakum Krishnakumar | 17 Oct 2019 | 0 Comments