Cisco Meraki - An Overview

Cisco Meraki is the industrial leader in cloud managed IT,creates the simplest, most powerful solutions helping powerful business to global enterprise save time and money.  

Cisco Meraki has over 2 million active networks and over 5.7 million devices device online around the world

Our current portfolio, extensible with open APIs, includes

  • Wireless

  • Switching

  • Security

  • SD-WAN

  • Intelligent network insights

  • Endpoint management

  • Security cameras


Cisco Meraki access points are highly efficient and are build up with the highest-grade components and cautiously optimized for seamless user experience which provides greater user capacity, faster connection, more coverage and few support calls.

The Cisco Meraki dashboard gives visibility into the network users, their devices, and their applications. Armed with rich analytics,administrators can quickly create access control and application usage policies, optimizing both the end-user experience and network security.

It simplifies day to day operations and puts intuitive yet powerful tools in hands of network administrator.

Add wireless capacity in minutes with fully automatic provisioning

Manage complex, dynamic environments using Auto RF

Throttle bandwidth or block applications with two clicks

Streamline device on boarding with built-in MDM

The Cisco Meraki wireless solution includes a complete,robust feature set right out of the box. No additional purchase required

  • Centralized Management

  • Multi-gigament Ethernet

  • Location Analytics

  • Application Visibility & Controls

  • High Capacity Wi-Fi 6

  • Automation RF Optimization

  • Dedicated Security Radio

  • Identify Based Firewall

The future of wireless networking, Wi-Fi 6 delivers high capacity, better coverage, fewer disconnects and lower latency. Also provides other benefits like longer battery life and scheduling communications which is useful in IoT devices.


Cloud Managed Switches are simple to manage at a scale providing the performance demanded by latest wired and wireless networks. Meraki switches provide the essentials for building High performance network that maintain seamless network service. Multigigament ethernet squeezes more speed out of existing cables. The switches are stacked to create a resilient connection to the network core using available bandwidth. The switches are lightning fast cabling and cross stack link aggregation. The network is strengthened with IP gateway redundancy or powerful dynamic routing using OSPF.

Simple and Powerful

Cisco Meraki access and aggregation layer switches provide the backbone for networks of every size, combining secure, scalable, robust performance with an elegant, intuitive management experience.

Easy to Deploy, Manage and Troubleshoot 

Meraki switches are pre-staged and configured entirely from a web browser. For a network engineer, Meraki management experience accelerates and simplifies their work. Meraki switches provide ground-breaking tools for remote troubleshooting. Troubleshooting network issues, especially on remote locations, can significantly add to the cost of running this mission critical service.

Secure the Network

Protect the network by configuring access policies requiring approved login credentials or MAC addresses for any kind of device looking toconnect to either data or voice VLANs. A guest/remediation VLAN can ensure flexibility without compromising network integrity.


Cisco Meraki operates the industry's largest-scale Cloud Networking service. The Cisco Meraki cloud service powers over tens of thousands of networks worldwide and connects millions of devices. Cisco Meraki also has the most experience in the cloud, having run its production service continuously for seven years. The Cisco Meraki Cloud Networking platform is trusted by thousands of IT professionals, from enterprises to hospitals, banks,and retailers. Cisco Meraki secure out of band architecture and hardened data centres, Cisco Meraki offers several tools for administrators to maximize the security of their network deployments. Use of these tools provide optimal protection, visibility, and control over your Cisco Meraki network

Enable two-factor authentication

Two-factor authentication adds an extra layer of security to an organization's network by requiring access to an administrator's phone, in addition to her username and password, in order to log in to Cisco Meraki cloud services. Cisco Meraki’s two factor authentication implementation uses secure,convenient, and cost-effective SMS technology: after entering their username and password, an administrator is sent a one-time pass code via SMS, which they must enter before authentication is complete. If a hacker guesses or learns an administrator's password, she still will not be able to access the organization's account, as the hacker does not have the administrator's phone.Cisco Meraki includes two-factor authentication for all enterprise users at no additional cost.

Strengthen your password policies

You can configure organization-wide security policies foryour Cisco Meraki accounts to better protect access to the Cisco Meraki dashboard. Under Organization > Configure, you may:

  • Force periodic password change(e.g., every 90 days)

  • Require minimum password length and complexity

  • Lock users out after repeated failed login attempts

  • Disallow password reuse

  • Restrict logins by IP address

  • Enforce the principle of least privilege with role-based administration

Role-based administration lets you appoint administrators for specific subsets of your organization and specify whether they have read-only access to reports and troubleshooting tools, administer managed guest access via Cisco Meraki’s Lobby Ambassador, or can make configuration changes to the network. Role-based administration reduces the chance of accidental or malicious misconfiguration and restricts errors to isolated parts of the network.

Enable configuration change email alerts

The Cisco Meraki system can automatically send human-readable email alerts when network configuration changes are made,enabling the entire IT organization to stay abreast of new policies. Change alerts are particularly important with large or distributed IT organizations.

Periodically audit configuration and logins

Cisco Meraki logs the time, IP, and approximate location(city, state) of logged in administrators. Additionally, Cisco Meraki provides a searchable configuration change log, which indicates what configuration changes were made, who they were made by, and which part of the organization the change occurred in. Auditing configuration and login information provides greeted visibility into your network.

Verify SSL certificates

Cisco Meraki accounts can only be accessed via https,ensuring that all communication between an administrator's browser and Cisco Meraki cloud services is encrypted. As with any secure web service, do not login if your browser displays certificate warnings, as it may indicate a man-in-the-middle attack.

Idle Timeout

30 seconds before being logged out, users are shown a notice that allows them to extend their session. Once time expires, users are asked to log in again.


Cisco Meraki Security Appliances can be remotely deployed in minutes using zero-touch cloud provisioning. Security settings are simple to synchronize across thousands of sites using templates. Auto VPN technology securely connects branches in 3 clicks, through an intuitive, web-based dashboard.

Software-defined WAN capabilities in every security appliance reduce operational costs and improve Software-defined WAN capabilities in every security appliance reduce operational costs and improve source usage for multi-site deployments, allowing network administrators to use available bandwidth more efficiently and ensure the highest possible level of performance for critical applications without sacrificing security or data privacy

Advantages of SD - WAN :

Fault Tolerance

Redundancy is built in to Meraki Security Appliances: from dual WAN and cellular up links to maintain connection to the Internet, to warm spare fail over that ensures service integrity, to self-healing site-to-site VPN that keeps branches and public cloud IT services securely connected.

Intuitive Centralized Management

The Meraki dashboard enables network administrators to view networked clients, bandwidth consumption, and application usage across all sites—and push policies to block, shape, or white list activity to optimize performance and user experience. Deep visibility and control provide real insight from any Internet-accessible device, anytime, anywhere.


Reliable, fast networks have become ubiquitous, driving innovation, productivity and instant collaboration, supported by the relentless growth of convenient cloud hosted applications. As the use of these apps and services grows, so too does our reliance on every step of the journey, from the application server to the desktop or mobile device. Even with a powerful,proven network infrastructure like Cisco Meraki, the end-user experience can only be truly optimized by considering all contributing internal and external factors. Fast cloud application response times rely not only on a well-designed, high performance LAN, but also on the performance of the service provider’s infrastructure, the WAN or Internet, and the remote SaaS (software as a service) application itself. Meraki Insight has been developed to provide end-to-end visibility into how end-users are experiencing the network by taking a more holistic view of the factors contributing to the end-user’s perception of performance.

Busy IT teams benefit from improved insight and a drastic reduction in troubleshooting effort, enabling resources to focus on the true cause of end-user frustration and provide faster, better service. Faster problem resolution gives IT more time to support their organization’s mission priorities

Application Performance Demystified:

  • Monitor Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications

  • Understand end user experience and trends over time

  • True application throughput with live/actual traffic

  • For every user in every network for every app

Intelligence For the WAN 

  • Performance management and troubleshooting, including the LAN, WAN, or ISP networks 

  • Key performance indicators including bandwidth, loss and latency

  • Ideal for SD-WAN and multi-site deployments

Accelerating IT

Intelligent anomaly and outage detection

• Zero setup or configuration required

• Faster time to resolution by pinpointing the true source of the issue

Powered By the Meraki Full Stack

Seamless integration into the Meraki dashboard for true‘single pane-of-glass’ network administration

• Built-in (zero-touch) traffic collector in MX appliances

• Proven Cisco Meraki scale, security and reliability

The first collector of Meraki instack

Meraki Insight requires a collector to work as the source for all measured performance data. The Meraki MX provides the required functionality, utilizing the product’s in-line Deep Packet Inspection, with no impact on performance. Data for analysis is stored in the Meraki cloud for convenient access from the dashboard at any time. Using this data, the Meraki cloud intelligently identifies anomalies, proactively highlighting these to assist with rapid issue resolution.

“Meraki shaves hours from resolving critical issues and allows our support team to do more with less. As a result, our mission critical applications and our business are more resilient.” As said by - IT Director,Global Retailer


Systems Manager offers Enterprise Mobility Management with far-reaching scalability for expanding organizations while securely integrating mobile devices into data-sensitive networks.

With the Cisco Meraki Cloud, you can customize policies to reach user group in your organization, require a pass code on devices before pushing Exchange settings, limit jail broken devices to the guest network, provision software, automatically revoke privileges and software if devices violate security policies, and more.

System Manager Quick Start

First-time setup instructions and an introduction to Systems Manager

Deployment Guides – Guides on how to use Systems Manager for specific use cases

  •  Android Enterprise Deployment Guide

  •  Enterprise Deployment Guide and Best Practices

  •  Education Deployment Guide and Best Practices

  •  Migrating from another Management Solution to Meraki Systems Manager

  • Device Enrollment - Devices can be enrolled into Systems Manager in several different ways. Explore the different options available for on-boarding new devices and features associated with device enrollment

  • Android Enrollment

  • Chrome OS Enrollment

  •  iOS Enrollment

  • SM Enrollment Authentication

  • Apple Device Enrollment Program (DEP)

  •  Enrolling Devices

  •  Mac Enrollment

  • Windows Enrollment

Tags and Policies - Tags are used to label devices and specify which settings and apps to install on them. Tags can be applied manually or dynamically through security policies.

  • Geo fencing with Managed Devices

  • Tags Management Page for Systems Manager

  • Security Policies in Systems Manager

  • Using Tags in Systems Manager

• Profiles and Settings - Settings can be pushed to devices using profiles. Explore what settings are available and how they can be deployed to devices.

  • Certificates Payload (Pushing Certificates)

  • Configuration Settings

  • Configuration Profiles

 Apps and Software - Various options are available for pushing apps and software to devices using tags, and managing existing software on devices

  • Apple Volume Purchase Program (VPP)

  • Installing Custom Apps on iOS and Android Devices

  • Deploying Store Apps for iOS/mac OS and Android

  • Installing Custom Apps on Windows and Mac Devices

• Monitoring and Reporting - Ways to gather information about specific client devices or the network. Track locations, view app/profile status, and more.

  •  Editing Managed Client Details

  • Managed Clients List

  • Systems Manager Alerts

  • How Systems Manager Approximates the Location of a Managed Device

  • MDM Commands in Systems Manager


Other Topics -  Other information related to managing devices, apps, and settings, using Systems Manager

  • Configuring Sentry Policies

  • General Systems Manager Configuration

  • Systems Manager FAQ

  •  Using the Command Line Live Tool

  •  Creating a Public/Private Certificate Pair

  •  Owners

  •  Systems Manager Remote Desktop


The MV family brings Meraki magic to the enterprise video security world. Impossibly simple to deploy, configure, and manage, MV provides reliable security and valuable business insights to organizations of any scale.The highlights are as follows:

•            Centralized Cloud Management - The Meraki dashboard provides secure monitoring and management of all your cameras from anywhere in the world, no extra software required.

•            Everything'sin the Box - With video storage and powerful hardware, there’s no need for an NVR or extra analytics packages.

•            Super Secure - Cameras automatically purchase publicly signed SSL certificates and all Meraki management data is always encrypted by default.

•            Bandwidth Conscious - A novel architecture places video storage on the camera, not in the cloud, ensuring mission critical network activities get the bandwidth they need.

A Family of Cameras for all Deployment 

MV cameras come with everything needed for a successful deployment in the box. Add cameras to a network before they even arrive and adjust both optical and software settings remotely.

•            Integrated,high-grade solid-state storage on each device

•            High Definition Recording

•            Advanced,mobile-grade processor on each camera*

•            A range of models for multipurpose deployments

•            3-year warranty on all hardware

Anytime, Anywhere

Stream local, stream remote. View customizable video walls from anywhere in the world using the Meraki dashboard in a web browser.

Automatic Network Detection 

The Meraki dashboard will automatically detect whether the viewing computer is in the local network or somewhere remote. Local streaming video never goes to the cloud, saving bandwidth, while remote streaming video is proxied through the cloud allowing it to be viewed from anywhere.

Beyond Just Security 

MV utilizes a powerful on board processor to analyze video and provide valuable insights without the need to send those video files to thecloud or a local server.

Motion Heat Maps

Quickly assess foot traffic in a retail store or monitor where hotel guests are congregating in the lobby. Motion heat maps only requirea small amount of metadata, rather than bulky video files, to provide results with big impact.

Object Detection

Learn which displays are attracting the most attention or how many people came into the office last Thursday. Better understand drive-thru traffic or how many parking spaces are being used. The ability to detect people and vehicles using computer vision - and increase accuracy overtime through machine learning - provides deep business insights that were previously only possible with bulky servers.

Privacy Matters

All MV analytics functionalities are anonymized to ensure privacy while still providing intelligence. You’ll know that a customer entered your store at 3:38, but not that her name is Sarah.


Cisco Meraki Security Cameras are an all-in-one smart camera solution.

•            Centralized Cloud Management -The Meraki dashboard provides secure monitoring and management of all your cameras from anywhere in the world.

•            Edge Storage - Up to 256GB of high write endurance solid state storage on each camera eliminates the need for an NVR.

•            Optimized Retention - Use motion-based retention and scheduled recording to customize video storage plans for every deployment.

•            Advanced Analytics - Industry-leading analytics and machine learning capabilities on-board each smart camera.

•            Motion Search - Dynamically and retroactively select areas of interest in a video stream to find that missing laptop, then export clips directly from the dashboard.

•            Encrypted by Default - Video is encrypted at rest and during transport by default, with automated TLS certificate provisioning.

•            Granular Access Controls - Easily define who can see which video streams, view historical footage, and export video, all from the dashboard.

•            Firmware Always Up-to-Date - Feature releases, firmware updates, and bug fixes are always pushed automatically and at no additional cost with active license.

Announcing the MV32 Fish Eye Cameras

The MV32 smart camera adds 360 degree viewing to the MV family line-up. Advanced analytics, combined with the wide overall viewing angle, provide valuable, big picture insights into what is happening in an organization. Featuring in-browser dewarp, and digital pan, tilt, and zoom on live and historical footage, the MV32 is a perfect fit for a variety of deployments.

Interesting Cameras 

•            180 degree horizontal and vertical FoV

•            Built-in advanced analytics with machine learning

•            In-browser dewarp, with digital pan, tilt and zoom

•            Wireless capable

•            8.4MP sensor, up to 2058 x 2058 resolution

•            256GB solid state storage on board

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