Webex calling: Three takeaways from Cisco Live US

Webex calling is a cloud-based phone system optimized for midsize business. It has essential calling capabilities the business needs and eliminates the expenses and the complex managing and securing an on-site phone system. It is always updated to meet people’s business needs.

The things Webex Calling offer:

•    Comprehensive PBX features

•    Enhanced experience for mobile devices

•    A phased approach to cloud migration

•    Easy Cloud phone system management


• Webex Calling is Globally Available and Fully Integrated with the Webex Platform

Builton the multi tenant, carrier-grade calling architecture acquired in the 2018 BroadSoft acquisition and integrated within the Cisco Webex platform, Webex Calling provides industry-leading enterprise cloud calling capabilities. Webex Calling as part of a the complete Webex collaboration suite that includes calling, messaging, meetings, team collaboration, and contact center, with integrated Cisco devices. Webex Calling delivers the feature-richness and mobile flexibility enterprises demand. Cisco’s scalable, reliable, redundant Webex platform is designed to serve the mobile workforce anywhere, with enterprise-level security that only Cisco can deliver.

•    Webex Calling is a Proven, Cloud-Calling Solution for Mid-Market and Enterprise Businesses

The small business (SMB) segment has been the earliest adopter of cloud calling.While reduced IT spend and the new cost efficiencies of the cloud were the primary benefits SMB customers wanted, their small size offered the additional advantage of being able to move to the cloud all at once.

The mid market and enterprise segments have, in the past, been slower to adopt cloud calling. Early cloud solutions did not meet their requirements for a higher level of feature-richness, security, reliability and integration with the other business-critical applications. However, corporate initiatives around digital transformation, IT cost reduction, and unified communications simplification,along with new cloud innovation have made mid market and enterprise the fastest growing segments in today’s market.

Webex Calling is not an upstart, but is tailored to meet the needs of the mid market and enterprise. Cisco acquired BroadSoft to address the growing demand for cloud calling and collaboration solutions from the mid market and enterprise segments. As a result, Webex Calling is built with one of the industry’s most robust and proven cloud calling architectures and is sold by leading telecom service providers around the world.

Today,there are over 23 million business users on that architecture alone, which has been developed and evolved over the last 20 years. We’ve listened to our enterprise customers and partners about features: fixed mobile convergence,business continuity, single number identity, all the flexibility that are needed for integration into provisioning systems and back-end systems, and we have built a cloud solution that caters to those needs specifically.

The resulting adoption of the platform by service providers and value-added re-sellers alike since the March 2019 US launch has been phenomenal, with 200+approved partners and 100+ partners ready to take orders around the globe.

5 reasons to move your calling to the cloud:

  • Increase agility

  • Reduce CAPEX

  • Optimize OPEX

  • Stay Current

  • Delight Users

Organizations Across Multiple Verticals are Rapidly Adopting Webex Calling

Since the March 2019 US launch, Cisco has won several mid market and enterprise Webex Calling deals across a variety of different verticals. Read Webex Calling-Strong Market Momentum

•    Retail/Hospitality – (2,500 users) a large US-based restaurant holding company managing six popular franchises is leveraging Webex Calling, collaboration, and devices to consolidate multiple infrastructures and applications into one unified, reliable, mobile solution.This customer anticipates $1.7 million in savings for telecom within the first year.

•    Managed Services/Financial – (over 20,000 users) A large global enterprise, driven by digital transformation and a mobile-first experience for their workforce, replaced their Avaya platform for calling, Skype for Instant messaging, and a variety of conferencing platforms,including Blue Jeans, to one consolidated Webex platform, with Webex Calling and Webex Teams for their distributed workforce.

•    Managed Services – (120 users) an Australia-based events and venues organization has started phase 1 of their migration from a Cisco Collaboration Flex Plan on-premises contract to a cloud subscription, with plans to move all employees incrementally to Webex Calling and Cisco devices, for hassle-free, cloud-centric calling and collaboration

•    Healthcare – (5,000+ users) a leading Italian pharmaceutical company, is leveraging the flexibility, reliability, and fast deployment capabilities of Webex Calling to improve IT and internal workforce work/life balance, and to reduce overall costs.

Simplified buying via the Cisco Collaboration Flex Plan and aggressive pricing across the Cisco collaboration portfolio has helped our new mid market and enterprise customers with their cost reduction missions upfront. Additional operational savings are also achieved, thanks to the significant reduction in management expenses and other ongoing savings that are inherent with cloud migration.


Cisco is the number 1 in the market for cloud and on premises calling (Synergy Research, 2018) with 45 % of the on premises share, 57% of the cloud market share, and more than 20 years of experience and innovation in the industry driving us forward, there’s never been a more exciting time for Cisco Collaboration.


By haripriya.krishnakum Krishnakumar | 17 Oct 2019 | 0 Comments