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Networking Trends 2020

Wide range of technologies which always fascinates networking professionals. In a fast-paced growing environment, Cisco always reinvents their technologies from cloud computing to branch networking. Networking is never what it is now, it exists in Cloud now and previously it was in company owned data centres. The mobile phones which are wireless and compact have replaced the bulky and wired computers. Technological improvements highly depend on the way we are connect in our location, how we perceive security, economics of networking

Wireless technology

Upgrade of Wireless technology and the methods in which the people use Wi-Fi networks will significantly change in the 2020. Wi Fi 6 will be enabled in all smartphones from Apple, Samsung and other mobile phone manufacturers by 2020. Consumers and businesses are opting for Wi-Fi 6 access points now, however the 5G technology is limited in the circulation. Its predicted that the Wi-Fi 6 will dominate the industry than 5G technology in 2020. Have you ever thought if connecting to Wi-Fi network was as easy as using a mobile phone in a new city? It is going to happen with help of Open Roaming Project. Different adaptation in wireless technology opens to new career opportunities in the range of industries from healthcare, education, transportation, Information technology and so on. 2020 marks as an era of long-lived period of innovation in access networking universe and for internet of things applications, adoption of new frequency bands creates new private networks and use 5G.

Digitized Spaces

Gone are the days when networks are used to transfer data, its used to sense their surroundings around and makes human lives easier which will make a significant impact on businesses. As the network complexity increases, an innovative next-generation networking solution is introduced. Iot devices in a business or a medical device in a hospital collect data based on how things and people move around in a space which is combined with high resolution geolocation technology. This leverages the organisations to attract more customer, better business insights and making them more data smart. In retail, such data can directly help the owners to plan and manage their physical spaces for productivity, improve sales and ease of navigation. Security can be identified very quickly systems issues can be fixed by self-repair technology. By end of 2020, there will be lot of Digitized Spaces technology in use.

Mobile commerce

People use Mobile phones for almost anything and everything for online shopping, grocery shopping, paying bills, booking movie tickets, ordering food and what not? This trend is constantly increasing because of the ease and better customer experience. Google pay and other UPI payment methods have made the banking easier these days. Developers are coming with better options in Mobile Shopping. Few to name are Mobile Image recognition technology which helps a customer to click an image and browse for the products they are looking for, Mobile chat bots for customer queries, AI, AR and VR technology to improve the mobile shopping experience from anywhere (One can try their lipstick or t shirt with this technology).

Machine Learning

Machine Learning helps in categorising the data which helps understand the importance of the data which is otherwise time-consuming to delete in group which is not useful through commands. Digital Data Forgetting technique is used by organisations while controlling expenditure.

Machine learning improves customer experience by data mining techniques helps to evaluate research methods in marketing for better results with learning algorithms which are useful learning strategies. Machine learning performs the task of smart voice personal assistant. Productivity and accuracy increase with AI and Machine learning.


The Physical workplace is becoming more and more virtual with technological advancements. With improvements in networking. With hiring diverse people from multiple locations there is higher demand within employees who connect to Cloud services. This is a promising development in enterprise networking. Based on centralised rules and roles, the network facilities the organisation to route to a wide range of network traffic with high data security. Many institutions are opting for this technology.  Huge cloud providers like Amazon, Microsoft and Google forge intense networking links between services and networking stacks with networking companies like Cisco.

Network Programmer is the most essential resource in creating new business solutions helping them achieve their digital Transformations. This opens to various opportunities. In 2020, Networking will become more critical on how business function.

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