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What's New with Cisco Technologies?

Cisco is dominating the Networking Universe; they range from cloud computing to branch networking and keep constantly reinventing technologies to meet the needs of the latest fast paced environments. Few Technologies to look upon are Cisco SD-WAN, Catalyst 9200, Catalyst 9800, 4000 series Integrated, Cisco WebEx Single Platform Advantage, Huddle Spaces, Cloud Calling, SD-WAN Security Gain multilayer and Cisco Nexus 9000 Series Switches. Let’s discuss few here.

Cisco SD WAN and SD WAN security Gain Multilayer
Cisco SD WAN will Securely connect any user, any application, anywhere, with the power of the cloud. With the rise of multi-cloud applications, it is challenging with usage of traditional Wide Area Network (WAN), balancing the need to deliver good application experience, optimise cloud connectivity, and improve security posture. Cisco SD-WAN offers cloud security solution and on premises security. There are four security categories which includes; Network segmentation, enterprise firewall, DNS layer security and Secure web gateway. These categories have different combination of security features.

•IPsec encryption
•App Controls
•Malware protection
•SSL/TLS decryption
•URL filtering 

With increasing adoption of multi-cloud environments, SD-WAN leverages complete transport flexibility to connect directly with cloud with internet use. SD-WAN creates best user interface application experience and reduces the cost for employers. 
Cisco SD WAN gives the customers the benefits of complete protection against internal and external threat to IaaS to Branches, better user experience through cloud access and secure direct internet. Centralised visibility and control for inbound, outbound and internal traffic also reduces complexity and cost with single product for cloud, security and networking.

Cisco WebEx Security
WebEx gives the industry's most secure collaboration platform which provides the protection and best practices from Cisco’s world-class security teams. Cisco WebEx gives end to end strong encryption from app to cloud with visibility, control and compliance. Inside or outside your organisation it ensures complete security using hardened collaboration platform.  With WebEx the data is highly secured with a unique key which can be used for managing, storing and accessing exclusively by you. There are dedicated teams in forefront of the security, to name them, Cisco Information Security (InfoSec) Cloud team, Cisco Product Security Incident Response Team (PSIRT) and Cisco TalosThreat Intelligence Group which helps in 7.2 trillion Cyber-attacks. Cisco Security covers from network, to endpoints, to data centre and cloud, all built on the Cisco Secure Development Lifecycle.
Cisco WebEx Single platform provides a modern unified platform for the employees with all the collaboration tools required to function in the organisation thereby making things available all at once. This platform enables innovation at speed and consistency of experience. It provides messaging, calling, meeting and with intelligence and context that makes collaboration more human, friction-free and engaging.
Benefits of Cisco WebEx single platform advantage are Unified UC workloads, Enterprise Security, Advanced cognitive intelligence, Global backbone, Enterprise security and Edge and hybrid services

Cisco Nexus 9000 Series switches
Nexus 9000 series data centre switches proves to deliver high performance and density, enormous power efficiency in a range of form factors and low latency. These are highly programmable and offer industry-leading software-defined networking for data centre automation.
•Nexus 9200 1/10/25/40/50/100 GE Switches has following features:

•Cisco NX-OS Software operating system
•1/10/25/40/50/100-Gbps connectivity
•Industry-leading ultra-high-density
•Programmable fabric, cloud system, flexibility, mobility, and scale for service providers and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) 
Benefits of Catalyst 9000 series switches are Performance and scale, Deep visibility and security, Lower TCO and Application performance

4000 series Integrated
4000 series secure, create high performance foundation for branch collaboration, edge compute, optimised cloud application. Let’s see the benefits of 4000 series:

•The ISR 4000 provides security does not take up much space, delivers performance and reliability
•Cisco SD-WAN manages ISR 4000 series.
•The ISR 4000's hardware defends data integrity and supply chain protect product

Huddle Spaces
Its nothing but a space which accommodates meeting for small group of people by changing the dynamics of the environment in which people work. Several organisations prefer such informal places to work to connect to their colleagues who work in remote locations and drive work forward.
Typically, 2-5 people are seated in a room for ad-hoc meetings equipped with video, audio and display system technologies. This enables the teams to collaborate and be flexible on their discussions, content creation and brainstorming sessions. Restrictions and limitations with bigger work space can be overcome by these Huddle Spaces which leverages the teams to come together and focus on their work as and when required. Types of Huddle spaces include Huddle Spaces for Communication, Huddle Space for co-creation and white boarding and Huddle Space for Wireless 

Cloud Calling
Cloud based phone system optimised for mid-size business is WebEx Calling which eliminates the complexity and expense of managing, securing an onsite phone system. It advised to keep WebEx calling on updated to keep business in the front.
What does Cisco WebEx calling do?

Comprehensive PBX features – Welcomes callers with pre-recorded voice messages and virtual receptionist. It also makes calls with extension numbers, directory URIs (email style address) or directory-based dialling and direct inward dialling (DID)
•Enhanced experience for Mobile devices – WebEx can be accessed from anywhere and everywhere with Mobile devices.
•A phased approach to cloud migration - Cisco WebEx calling facilitates Synchronized directory, on-premises networks and dial plans for mixed cloud
•Easy cloud phone system management - Cloud system is managed with flexible system in which the WebEx control Hib has simple interface for self-Care and IT portal in which users can handle basic settings and preferences 

Types of WebEx calling teams Cloud calling in all shapes, Cloud calling Apps and Webex is safe simple and secure 

Cisco in networking, constantly creates milestones and always provides several possibilities in any organisation. It enhances security,networking performance, developing more collaborative workplaces and improving cloud capabilities. Comprehensive Cisco training from Trainocate offers training and certifications for every expertise level, including, IT Certification and Specific Specialist Certifications in all levels viz Entry,Associate, Professional, Expert, Architect. Cisco is the consistently dominating the Networking business, become a Cisco Networking Expert and standout professionally NOW.

Trainocate offersbest-in-class Cisco training on all architectures viz routing and switching, security,wireless, data centre, Unified Communication and every other Cisco product.

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