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Trend Micro Named A Leader in 2019 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Endpoint Protection Platforms

Leadership.It’s a weighty term, although frequently it is used too lightly and all too often it’s a self-declared position. We believe, leaders can come and go, and leadership can be fleeting depending on the factors for long term success.

It is for all these reasons, that we are proud, not only to be in a Leader’s position in the 2019 Gartner® Magic Quadrant for Endpoint Protection Platforms (EPP), but to have been named a Leader by Gartner in this category since 2002

We believe that true leadership is sustained leadership with a proven track record of consistent strength in vision and execution.

It has been a transformative period for the EPP market with waves of innovation along the way. We believe, the difference with Trend Micro as a Leader, is that new techniques and capabilities are additive to our solution value, they are not the sum of it.

We've been able to build out our endpoint offering by continuously adding to the wide range of threat detection & response capabilities, along with investigative features as an innate part of a single-agent solution, simplifying deployment and enabling integrated workflows. This provides a balanced and comprehensive approach to endpoint security, which is imperative given the diversity in the threat landscape.

Job ones detecting and blocking as many endpoint threats as possible without manual intervention. The more threats you automatically prevent or stop, the fewer you need to investigate and respond to. That point can’t be overlooked or undervalued, although it often is.

When threats get through, you need actionable insight and an investigative tool set for hunting and sweeping activities, patient zero identification, and root cause analysis covering the use cases most needed and most leveraged.

The market continues to be excited about Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR), and we are strongly committed to delivering an effective solution in this regard;however, we believe effectiveness is not just about deepening the capabilities(although we are doing that), but by also delivering more than what EDR alone is designed to do.

That is why we are committed to going beyond the endpoint, with XDR.

For example, we recently introduced the capability to combine email and end points in the investigation of a detection, enabling you to trace a root cause analysis back into email (#1 attack source) to understand who else received thee mail or has a malicious file in their Office 365 or Gmail inbox. Containing the threat and stopping the spread gets easier when you are looking beyond the endpoint — something you can’t do with EDR alone.

Our broader XDR strategy provides customers a means to further integrate and extend their detection and response capabilities across email, endpoints, servers,cloud workloads, and networks in a single platform and/or via a managed service.  With XDR, you can clearly visualize the overall security posture and effectively hunt, detect, analyze and respond to threats across security layers. Leveraging our market-leading products like Apex One (endpoint) Deep Security (server/cloud workloads), Deep Discovery and Tipping Point(network)and Cloud App Security (messaging and collaboration), XDR offers expert security analytics for alert correlation, and consolidated visibility and investigation of events. The key value of XDR is that it can connect minor events from different security silos (like EDR) to detect more complex attacks that would have otherwise remained unnoticed. You can learn more about XDR 

The truthis that for many companies, the capabilities of the detection and response tools often exceed their capacity to use them due to time and resource limitations. Thus, a managed service is a great option. Trend Micro’s Managed XDR service can take the burden off of constrained teams, and also offers customers an opportunity to use the service for one or a multitude of security vectors – endpoint, network, servers& cloud workloads, email – for a single source of detection and response.The more sources to correlate, the better the insight – that’s the XDR advantage.

We believe XDR is another proof point of our deep-seated commitment to our ongoing evolution and innovation. This is how we’ve stayed current, relevant and effective over the years.

At the end of the day, the endpoint is extremely important to a company’s defenses and thus demands a strong solution. That’s why having confidence you are making reliable choice for endpoint protection, now and over the long term, is imperative.  In a market that is changing, amid a vendor landscape that is noisy and confusing, that can be difficult. That’s why third-party evaluations like the Gartner Magic Quadrant are important, along with independent testing and POCs.

By Arjun Singh | 15 Oct 2019 | 0 Comments