DP-100T01 - Designing and implementing a data science solution on Azure

Learn how to operate machine learning solutions at cloud scale using Azure Machine Learning. This course teaches you to leverage your existing knowledge of Python and machine learning to manage data ingestion and preparation, model training and deployment, and machine learning solution monitoring with Azure Machine Learning and MLflow.

AED 2250

Date : 13 May 2024

Code: dp-100t01

Duration: 4.0 days

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1. Design a machine learning solution

There are many options on Azure to train and consume machine learning models. Which service best fits your scenario can depend on a myriad of factors. Learn how to identify important requirements and when to use which service when you want to use machine learning models.

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2. Explore and configure the Azure Machine Learning workspace

Throughout this learning path you explore and configure the Azure Machine Learning workspace. Learn how you can create a workspace and what you can do with it. Explore the various developer tools you can use to interact with the workspace. Configure the workspace for machine learning workloads by creating data assets and compute resources.

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3. Experiment with Azure Machine Learning

Learn how to find the best model with automated machine learning (AutoML) and by experimenting in notebooks.

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4. Optimize model training with Azure Machine Learning

Learn how to optimize model training in Azure Machine Learning by using scripts, jobs, components and pipelines.

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5. Manage and review models in Azure Machine Learning

Learn how to manage and review models in Azure Machine Learning by using MLflow to store your model files and using responsible AI features to evaluate your models.

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6. Deploy and consume models with Azure Machine Learning

Learn how to deploy a model to an endpoint. When you deploy a model, you can get real-time or batch predictions by calling the endpoint.

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DP-100T01 course is designed for data scientists with existing knowledge of Python and machine learning frameworks like Scikit-Learn, PyTorch, and Tensorflow, who want to build and operate machine learning solutions in the cloud.


Successful Azure Data Scientists start this role with a fundamental knowledge of cloud computing concepts, and experience in general data science and machine learning tools and techniques.


  • Creating cloud resources in Microsoft Azure.
  • Using Python to explore and visualize data.
  • Training and validating machine learning models using common frameworks like Scikit-Learn, PyTorch, and TensorFlow.
  • Working with containersTo gain these prerequisite skills, take the following free online training before attending the course:
  • Explore Microsoft cloud concepts.
  • Create machine learning models.
  • Administer containers in Azure

If you are completely new to data science and machine learning, please complete Microsoft Azure AI Fundamentals first.



Skills Measured

  • Design and prepare a machine learning solution (20–25%)
  • Explore data and train models (35–40%)
  • Prepare a model for deployment (20–25%)
  • Deploy and retrain a model (10–15%)

Course Benefits

  • Career growth
  • Broad Career opportunities
  • Worldwide recognition from leaders
  • Up-to Date technical skills
  • Popular Certification Badges

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